Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Super Junior

Super Junior . nama ni muncul dalam dunia aku sejak aku umur empat belas tahun . Kerana senyuman siwon yang cute menyebabkan aku jatuh cinta pada super junior . lama kelamaan, seorang demi seorang ahli super junior meresap masuk ke dalam jiwa aku . malah mereka juga membuatkan aku sedar tentang sesuatu iaitu , persahabatan yang kuat seperti adik beradik . super junior telah membuat hidup aku yang suram bertambah ceria dengan senyuman , lawak dan tawa mereka yang sangat menghiburkan . mereka juga membuatkan aku menangis tanpa aku sedari . banyak memori yang telah tercipta antara kita . leeteuk , heechul , hangen , yesung , kangin , shindong , sungmin , eunhyuk , donghae , siwon , ryeowook , kibum dan kyuhyun . nama nama itu membuatkan hidup aku huru hara . terasa kosong hidup tanpa mereka . Super Junior 05 , Don’t Don , Sorry Sorry , Bonamana , Mr. Simple and Sexy, Free & Single . forever with SUPER JUNIOR . prom15e to love them . 13elieve in them . prot3ct them .  for super junior , thanks for show us the real friendship , to believe , to receive , to be honest , to give , to make comfort , and to protect each other . don’t cry anymore because we, ELF will be always be you . we love the way you give a hug , you cheer up , you love , you wipe the roam , you drop the tears , you make a friend , you make a brotherhood , you laugh , you make a gag and many more . we love the way you are !
The first day full of worries . I didn’t say anything . That we would spend so many days together like this . At that time I really didn’t know . Us before we know it . We were a rookie . We even showed off . That we would get to know each other like this . At that time I really didn’t know . Us before we know it . You know we shared a lot . The flowing sweat , tears and secrets . Even the times we hated each other , I’m able to love them. Us before we know it . We can’t be separated . I will miss you , I will long for you . I love my friends . I won’t forget , hold me , don’t forget me , don’t change . Even my face flushed . I almost gave up on everything . But we didn’t let go of each other’s hands . At that time I was really thankful . Us before we know it . Us before we know it . Someday we will have to part . We might not be able to see each other either . Will our memories give us strength then ? Till the day we meet again . Us someday . Us before we know it . We can’t be separated . I will miss you , I will long for you . I Love My Friends . I won’t forget , hold me , don’t forget me , I love you . This song is dedicated to the world’s biggest fan club . The “ELF” , my girls , my angels . We , met for the first time years ago then fell in love at first sight . Baby , no matter where I go , you stand by my side just like my shadow . From time to time , there are just so many things to prove our love . Even when I’m sick , even when I collapse , she’s the only one remaining by my side . Baby baby baby baby baby , let us never break up . Oh my lady lady lady lady lady , I really love you . Shawty shawty shawty shawty shawty, it’s only you , the one that I’ve chosen . Even my tears , even my little smiles . . Do you know ? They all come from you . That you’ve got old already because I make you worry so much , don’t say such things . No matter how I look at it , to me there’s no one in this world that is as beautiful as you are (don’t say such things either) . I don’t know why you keep staying with me . Also , I’m sorry because I fall short to you . Just believe me . I , I will do well . Baby baby baby baby baby , let us never break up . Oh my lady lady lady lady lady , I really love you . Shawty shawty shawty shawty shawty , it’s only you , the one that I chose . Even my tears , even my little smiles . . Do you know ? They all come from you . Even when the words ‘I have no one but you’ sound all so cheeky , how do I show you my heart ? Even though there are times when we fight , when we say we hate each other to death , doesn’t your heart know already ? The days of mere beauty , with the mere good things that you and I , we two used to see together , eat together , hear together , cry together , laugh together . Thank you for standing by me , believing in me so that I wouldn’t collapse , really thank you . Baby baby baby baby baby , let us never break up . Oh my lady lady lady lady lady , I really love you . Shawty shawty shawty shawty shawty , it’s only you , the one that I chose . Even my tears , even my little smiles . . Do you know ? They all come from you . Always , I thank you and I love you .
Sungmin : The performance in Paris is like a dream , no , it’s something that I can’t even dream about it . . . & it has become a reality . If it wasn’t for SJ and our precious members , I don’t think that I , performing at LZ (Paris) can receive so much love from the fans in Europe . This is something hard to believe , but never did I even dream that all these , could actually come true . 7 years ago , at every start of the day , we are just a simple boy band who could just disappear . The start of our debut was not very smooth . . . so , not knowing what to expect , and due to the criticism & hurt felt . . . We always work harder together & form a stronger bond with each other . All those hard work & harsh training did not come to waste . . . One by one , it helps us grow & become the Super Junior we are now . To the angels who always give us warmth , love & support , we call them ELF ; they are friends who are always there ! For them & with them , I will live my life and work hard for my dreams . Our people (fans) love you & love you again .
Shindong : Happiness is . . . Being poor when I am young , that’s why ? I did many special & delightful dreams . When I am young , even if it’s the rainy season with the pouring rain , there are times where I don’t have enough money to go school / having to just eat plain rice without any side-dishes . Suddenly while eating , something struck my mind “If I want to have as much good food as I want , I have to be successful .” Fortunately , even when I am living in such conditions , there are some things which could make me feel happy , & that’s dancing . From young , I can move freely to the music & dance to my fullest , without anyone teaching me how . As dancing makes me feel happy , it also made me forgot about my hunger . There is also another thing which brightens up my life , & that is a smile . Because if I smile , other people will smile too , & when I see that person smile , it makes me want to smile again . I feel really blessed and happy when everyone smiles like that . So , I begin my journey to search for these 3 things : Success , Dance , and Smile . As I met “SJ” , it marks an end to this long journey . I feel that I am very happy now , because now . . . I am living a successful life , dancing and bringing happiness to people by smiling . I think that all these have become possible because , I met my company , my members of SJ & ELFs . Working hard for my dreams , together with my precious members and people who care for me . . . Unknowingly , it has been 7 years already . . . Love you Shindong . Love you SJ . LOVE YOU ELFs . You are precious people who bring me happiness .
Kyuhyun : Memory and memories . . . I ask myself . . . the 1st time I stood on stage , the 1st time I hear the cheers & chants , the 1st time I touched someone’s heart , the 1st time I did a mistake while performing . . . All the first times I had , using the feeling felt at that point of time , I ask myself . . . do I still remember ? 2006 May 27 , coming out again as the youngest member of Super Junior seems like it’s just yesterday . I could still remember the vivid & clear memories of each & every single moment & every single time . Having the memory and memories of being a member of Super Junior , having to take up new challenges & overcome them by working hard , making many memories with the members , they (SJ members) have become my brothers , the most precious & valuable gift . From my first , to the memories I have till now , I want to keep it & I will cherish it forever .
Leeteuk : The best group of this century ! The best leader ! 2 years , it’s not very long but not really short . . . To be frank , as I have not experienced this before ; I am both scared & worried . I am worried about the things that could happen , the changes that may happen when I am not there . . .  When I am back , what will Super Junior become of ? Unchanged , maintaining ? I’ve promise everyone that after 2 years ; I will come back being even better . So with confidence , I would like to ask  . . . My fans , you guys will wait for me right ?
Eunhyuk : Still the same as always , my friends . . . Since young I started singing , dancing & going overseas . I like to tour around with my family , so ~ there seems to be nowhere which I have not been to . As I grow older each year , the things I once like have become my dream & my goal . & now , that goal has become a schedule which allows me to sing , dance & tour around . What could be better than this ? Is there another life which can be better than this ? Even though , having a World Tour Concert is really great & precious as we can meet & greet many different fans from all over the world , I think that the times like . . . When we chit-chat backstage before the concert or when we talked about the things that happen in our daily lives in our hostel etc . , all these bits & pieces , I think that they are even more valuable . That’s right ! We live for each other . We , being there , is to give each other strength & support . Although , we are all celebrities who receive lots of love from others , to me . . . we are all brothers and friends . . . So , I really like my members . In my eyes , they are this type of friend .
Donghae : Love ? Love ! Having spent 7 years with Super Junior . . . Including the times when we are still trainees , it’s about 10 years . All this time , day by day , spending my time with all the other members , it has always been vibrant . Together , we work hard , suffered , cried , laugh and sometimes quarrel . . . the love-hate relationship of ours . . . In Super Junior , even if it’s only temporary , I would never want to leave . . . Yes , I who refuses to leave . . . My heart which I could not control , can only side towards them & love them so . . . . . .
Siwon : The first things which I did in my life included all my lovely members , who are always there to help me . . . With them , I can do it & I won’t feel afraid . Even though there are many things we could not foresee , ELFs who always give us lots of love . . . Because of you guys , we are able to continue walking without feeling lonely . The time spent with the staffs , to me , is also a valuable memory . It’s really hard to put into words . . . Our 7 years of happiness , sadness & hard work etc .
Yesung : Waiting for a “3rd Life” . . . Have lived my life for 22 years by the name of Kim Jong Woon and Super Junior’s Yesung for 7 years .
Ryeowook : A letter which I wrote in Paris . . . What’s wrong with me today ? In my heart , I feel that I am missing something . . . In this warm afternoon , just like the song which always rings in my ear . . .  suddenly without any reason , my heart misses something . . .