Wednesday, November 28, 2012

jeongmal gamsahabnida syupeo junieo !

“It’s no big deal that your dad is gone. I’ll be your dad.”~Heechul 
Bagi ELF yang membaca phase kat atas tu, pasti akan tahu Heechul tujukan kata-kata itu pada siapa. yang aku hendak tekankan disini ialah, kan bagus kalau ada kawan macam tu. 

Donghae doesn’t like to be alone, so Eunhyuk always accompanies him.
the thing is, I'm feel lonely right now. I wish I have friends like Eunhyuk. 
Where are you , my chingu?
I really miss you all.

last night I'm thinking myself after reading all SUPER JUNIOR facts. 
I just wish that I can have friends like them.
Leeteuk, the best leader that care much about his dongsaeng.
Ryeowook cooks even he tired.
Siwon with his gentle and full of affectionate
Kyuhyun, who is cute but tends to kick his hyung.
Sungmin, the king of aegyo.
Shingdong can make the surrounding in a good mood.
Heechul, the diva that full of mysteries.
Donghae like a five-year-old kids.
Eunhyuk, the dancing machine that full of gags.
Yesung, the king of selcas.
Kangin looks so fierce but he's caring.
Kibum so obedient to his hyung
Hangen always obey to his Cinderella
Zhoumi the tallest man in SUPER JUNIOR
Henry plays violin that can touch your hearts.

I think, I just can get bored of something so easy.
Last year is a year full of facebook. I need to open my facebook everyday to runaway from the word called BORING. 
but now, I hate facebook. just die with that facebook. 
I wish I can have a camera and takes a lot of pictures.
Ah! And my hobby is ‘picture taking.’ I normally always have my camera in my bag and take it around and take photos of the scenery and people. If there is even one day when we rest, I always go out somewhere. -Myungsoo-

I feel no differences between me and Myungsoo. I ant a camera that can protect me from getting closer to the word BORING.

I can just simply ask my father to go for a trip. but then I think again. before this, I went out with my family and at the end, I feels BORING. haha.. such a pity for me.

that's why I just want to stay at school. Meet with my friends. talk about study.  I'm just feel boring here! somebody need to help me out of this crazy things. 

But I so lucky that I knew SUPER JUNIOR . they just can made my day.
I'm smiled.
I'm cried.
just about them. 
I'm never get bored about them.
That's why I'm still liking them even though two years had past so quickly.

정말 감사합니다 슈퍼 주니어 !