Thursday, August 4, 2016

This Week Drama

If you ask Fath one year ago, she might never wasting her life watching drama. Let alone, Korean drama since she only watched the complete drama with not so high rating but quite good plot. But somehow she changed. hahahaha

So, these days I have been watching Doctors, Let's Fight Ghost and W: Two Worlds. After the great drama, Descendants of The Sun ended, somehow it becomes a trend for female leads become a doctor. Luckily the female lead of Let's Fight Ghost is a freaking ghost. Thought the drama isn't a high rating drama, it has quite a great plot. Much better than Doctors actually. For Doctors, the scenes are quite cheesy and cliche. Maybe because I put quite high expectation on the drama itself. However for W: Two Worlds, it makes me confused. I don't why I keep watching it thought it keeps on making me frustrated.

For this week, Namgoong Min made a cameo as a single father of two sick sons. Damn. Every time he was on screen, he made me sad. The way he treated his kids was really heart-felt. Thus, for this week, Doctors won the title of best drama in my heart. I cried at the end and I can't wait for next week.

As for Let's Fight Ghost, Bongpal showed his jealousy when Inrang bought Hyunji a heels. Hahahaha. So cute. But still, the mystery made me anxious. Why even Professor Joo killed Hyunji? And on the preview of next week, Bongpal kiss Hyunji. I mean, they already kissed twice before but there was no feeling attached. But now, since Hyunji alreaady confessed she likes him and Bongpal also slowly started to realize his true feeling towards Hyunji, so..... kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!! *fangirling mode ON!*

And, W: Two World. On last Wednesday episode (episode 5), Kang Chul shot Yeonjoo's dad because he didn't have the culprit's face. I meant, he even killed Kang Chul's family at first but why there's no culprit to begin with? That's how Kang Chul live his life. And why even he didn't create another new character? That's how fictional world is. I don't understand. So, at the end Kang Chul jumped off the bridge to end the story but Yeonjoo wants to save him since she loves him. At the preview for next episode, Kang Chul stays alive and he and Yeonjoo get married. Somehow, I can't stop myself from watching it. Sigh.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Telinga pun ada cita rasa jugak


i have been thinking, melayu ni memang ada je tak kena kan? suka sangat mengutuk manusia yang lagi hebat dari dorang. jealous tak bertempat.

for example, they (i.e the positive people) have been praising a band in youtube, a LOCAL BAND. may i add YOUNG? but some negative thinking people, yang maybe ( i don't know) mengutuk dengan kasar. cubalah kau bagi encouragement sikit kat dorang tu. macam mana nak maju kalau asyik mengata orang? gunalah ayat baik baik sikit. tak payah nak letak 'sial', 'babi' segala bagai. tak mati pun kan kalau tak letak pertakaan tu? ke memang dah addict sangat dengan perkataan tu sampai nak kena letak jugak?

lagi satu, kenapa perlu nak mengutuk k-pop? padahal (mungkin) korang sebenarnya melacap pun guna gambar sexy girls group k-pop? i don't understand. hati dah keji sangat ke sampai semua nak salahkan k-pop? dorang nak cari makan dengan cara dorang. biarkan je lah. budak budak yang minat k-pop (at least) lagi baik dari (i don't know) your jiran sebelah rumah yang tiap tiap malam merempit, or (at least) budak budak yang minat kpop tu don't do drugs, stealing and merayau tengah tengah malam dengan jantan yang hentah (mungkin) ada genitals diseases.

get your mind open, people! i meant MALAY PEOPLE.

kau mungkin minat durian tapi makwe kau tak suka sebab bau dia. orang lain mungkin kata yang bua kentut makwe kau busuk tapi kau puji je bau kentut dia wangi macam bau dalam syurga (oh mai gad! kalau ada lelaki macam ni, sumpah aku bunuh dia). kau mungkin cakap yang makwe kau sedap mengalah beyonce tapi orang lain dengar nak berdarah telinga dia.

senang cerita, telinga masing masing ada cita rasa yang tersendiri. peduli je lah orang yang suka k-pop, j-pop. ada dia kacau hidup kau? ada budak budak yang suka k-pop tu rembat makwe/pakwe kau? takde. dan tak mungkin. IMPOSSIBLE. dorang punya taste mengalah tinggi langit ni. dorang pun takde masa nak sailang korang punya pakwe/makwe. baik habiskan masa depan youtube, lagi ada faedah.

and IMPORTANT REMINDER to those yang anti k-pop:

1. teruskan meng-anti k-pop. we have the right to choose. melayu yang anti k-pop takdelah sehebat korean yang anti k-pop. at least, orang melayu cuma guna mulut dan jari untuk type.
2. jangan kacau peminat k-pop. kitorang tak kacau pun kau minat sapa. JANGAN AMBIL PEDULI LANGSUNG. abaikan je kitorang ni.


Friday, April 15, 2016

descendants of the sun

i do have trouble when watching a drama . i dont like to stream or watch online drama . before dots , i watched moorim school but i stopped at ep10 (i think) because i went back to ums . after i went back to ums , i was so lazy to stream and watch it . so , until now i havent finish watching moorim yet . before moorim , it was she was pretty . i meant , every fan will definitely watch drama that their bias was in , right ? unfortunately for me , i am not like that . i watched until ep2 (i think) , then i stopped with the same reason . even siwon cant force watch his drama . the last drama i watched was pinocchio . i streamed every week to watch pinocchio .

then , here come descendants of the sun .

i didnt intend to watch it during these one week holiday thought i said i would watch it . but at the end , on one fine day of tuesday , i dont know what did i dreamed at that night , i watched dots from ep1 until ep14 in one day and only stopped to take bath and eat . lol . i really made it . hahahahaha .

therefore , today on april 15th , i watched the ending .

at first , i was like , "okay captain yoo ! you capture my heart . i watch until the end ." until this scene came .


i always like men in dress uniform . i meant , they look freaking hot with extra sexiness that made me drool over them . so , i did imagine life is a heaven if guy kisses me while he looks so hot in uniform .

im droollinggggggg

i am having breathing problem while staring at this picture
other than that ,

onew deserve a rookie award this year . he is so good that i failed to notice this was his first drama . i always thought he did some cameo in any drama before . he exceeded what i expected .

awwww... look at his smile
sometimes , he made me forgot he was actually a father of a son in this drama with his cuteness . hahahahah

and ,

song-song couple is so popular . i like how yoo shijin looked at kang moyeon . he was so head over heel with dr. kang making him so cute .

it is every girl's dream to have a guy that look at them like this . me too . if song joongki looks at me like this , i might faint with so much excitement . AHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!

look at his face . hahhahhaaa

and they are cute

also ,

let's not forget about dumb and dumber couple .

they are practically trying to kill me with their handsomeness and jokes and cuteness . remember the part where they just finished their mission in urk , they went back to korea ?


later then , sergeant major seo daeyoung made my day with this :

literally , i want dumb and dumber get bromance award this year . hahahaha

lastly ,

i will forever remember the doves . i cant close my mouth watching them .

they made the story more amazing . although they are just extras but they did great job making me drooling .

my life would be a bless if i can see these doves every morning . i might even become a morning person . god ! look at the chocolates . they are so delicious and yummy . i want to lick every each of them . damn !

and do not forget this one too

therefore before this post become more longer than it should be , let appreciate this moments .

1. dr daniel's handsomeness . gosh ! how come 12 countries banned this guy ?

"... woman's mind"
2. kim ki bum's cuteness . from a thief that involve in gang , he became a tough platoon leader that can cook well !

3. red velvet cameo on last episode of dots showed us ahjussi fans . lol at yoo shijin and seo daeyoung .

4. the so-touching quotes:

It snowed for the first time in a hundred years. And you returned alive. I’ve used up all my luck in my lifetime, so now all I have left is you.
Thankfully, you aren’t hurt. I’ve been regretting not saying goodbye to you before I left that day. I can’t be with you. So, please… be careful. 
Don’t be embarrassed that I found out about your feelings for me. Since I like you more than you like me anyway.
 My plan was always to run away. You who is braver than anyone else, loved me who is more foolish than anyone else. I was thankful and sorry. If you’re reading this will, then the stupid me has hurt you till the very end. Don’t forgive me. And as much as I’ve thought about you, I hope you’ll be happy. My love burns for you Yoon Myeong Joo. Whether I live or die, that will never change.
I’m good at what I do and a part of my responsibility is for me to stay alive. 
I will stay safe. I will stay alive. I will come back. I promise.

i seriously already memorized this line:

Big Boss… He’s smart, funny, and mysterious, but he has a lot of secrets. He’ll disappear from time to time, be hard to contact. And then one day, he will never come back. 

5. let's not forget this part because it's so damn hilarious

okay i need to end here , bye from now .