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Super Junior started off in 2005 with only 12 members. The group was formed as Super Junior 05 because they were a rotational group. The meaning of a rotational group is the idea of having old members switch out with new rookies while the old members would pursuit their own career. In November 2005 the group debuted with their song Twins or Knock Out. The meaning of Super Junior is groups that can do more than just being an idol the members are able to do other activities such as acting, mc-ing, dj-ing, musicals, etc. In 2006 the group reached it fame and a lot of fans demanded Super Junior to drop the 05 which is now known as Super Junior. In May 25, 2006 an additional 13th member Kyuhyun was added to the team in the performance of U which gave Super Junior their first win. Although fame is a great deal in Super Junior lives it lead to numerous difficulties in their friendship that helped them became great support to one another. From Donghae losing his father, Heechul’s severe car accident, and Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Shindong car accident that almost took away Kyuhyun’s live. Also Hangeng had problems with his performance Visa as well. Although there were a lot of setback Super Junior overcame it with a smile and humbleness. Being dubbed as Shinhwa the second for their friendship Super Junior continue to break records. First Idol to form a Trot Group, Largest Boy Band, Album King, Top Artist in Taiwan, Known as KPOP HALLYU King, The First KPOP Idol group to have a solo concert in Europe and many more.

Super Junior Leeteuk named their very own fan club as ELFs also known as Ever Lasting Friends. He wants super junior fans to always be everlasting people in Super Junior lives. The Official fan club color is Sapphire Blue.

Studio Albums:
2005: Super Junior 05 (TWINS)
2007: Don’t Don
2009: Sorry, Sorry
2010: Bonamana
2011: Mr. Simple
2012: Sexy, Free & Single

2015: DEVIL

Japanese Album:

2013: Hero
2005: “Show Me Your Love” (featuring TVXQ)
2006: “U”
Japanese Singles:
2011: 美人 (Bonamana)
2011: Mr. Simple
2012: Opera
2012: Sexy, Free & Single

Live Albums:

2008: Super Show Concert Album
2009: Super Show 2 Concert Album
2011: Super Show 3 Concert Album
2012: World Tour Super Show 4 Live in Japan
2013: Super Show 4 Concert Album
2014: World Tour Super Show 5 Live in Japan
2015: Super Show 5 Concert Album
2015: Super Show 6 Concert Album

Super Junior M
Studio Albums:
2008: Me
2013: Break Down


2009: Super Girl
2011: Perfection
2014: Swing

Super Junior KRY


2013: Promise You
2015: Join Hands

Super Junior H
Studio Albums:
2008: Cooking Cooking

Super Junior T
Studio Albums:
2007: Rokkugo
2008: ROCK&GO

Super Junior D&E

Studio Album:

2014: Ride Me


2015: The Beat Goes On
2015: Present

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