Friday, December 26, 2014

Finding A GOOD Book

currently happened in 1Borneo Sabah is Popular MEGA Book fair. it was a heaven to the bookworms including ME. i can stay there for all night long just to find a book to read. well basically, my taste of books can be anything but worth to read.

actually my attention to go to the book fair was finding buku catatan mat lutfi but i couldnt find it. i am so FRUSTRATED somehow because that book is an amazing. but.... i found something else. it was A Life of Reinvention: Malcolm X. guess what... it was RM 126 but i bought it only RM 9.90 .... so, tell me how could i say no to this RARELY cheap price?

besides that, i bought a malay novel, Cinta Disini with only RM 29.90 (almost half from the original price).

maybe during new year holiday, i would like to go and buy an english novel.

well, i was thinking should buy an english novel or not because i have one but i didnt finish reading it yet. "I'm so busy till I don't have time to read it" (just an excuse). but still i want to buy one. but this time i want to buy a romance novel. i never read an english romance novel.

the overseas romance novel would be different from malay romance novel, right? but i dont know what to buy, i mean which one is a GOOD novel for me to start with. there are thousands (okay, i used hyperbola), i mean hundreds of novels out there and everything seemed to be awesome to read.


i was also thinking to buy another Chicken Soup for Soul. i already have the Teenage edition and what's next?

and also ,

i almost wanted to buy Hlovate's Contengan Jalanan. since i didn't read it yet, so i want to buy it. my mission was to buy all Hlovate's writting. i already have Anthem, the lastest novel of Hlovate and also the compilation of [Tunas] and Aa + Bb. what's left were Contengan Jalanan, Rooftop Rant, Schubert Serenade and Ked's Story and what else i miss out? oh yess... 5 Tahun 5 Bulan and Versus. i didnt read 5 Tahun 5 Bulan and Contengan Jalanan yet. but the others are amazing. among those stories, i love Schubert Serenade the most. why? just read by yourself. i wont tell ya.

Versus and Ked's Story are linked stories and also there were some parts in Anthem from Rooftop Rant. Aa + Bb is the continuation from [Tunas]. so better to read all of Hlovate's arts. btw, [Tunas] made me recall the past during mjsc years. i totally could imagine the scenarios perfectly.

what else eh?

i think that's all. i already lost the idea of what i want to write ...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

i thought i was strong

I thought I was strong but I'm wrong. In some cases, I thought I could face it like a brave woman but I felt before I face it. Seems like my energy is drained out slowly.. slowly.. I don't know when will my energy run out but it's getting closer. I don't think I have any more patience to face this hardness. All of this are eating me out.

There was a fanfic I read. I don't remember its name but it was a well-written fanfic. The main character used to hurt herself when she felt down or pressure. By then I thought it was not her fault if she or anyone who wanted to commit suicide. The surrounding make she thinks like that. For some reason, I do think wanting to commit suicide but fortunately I don't have gut to do so. But, I do feel like want to punch some walls as if it will push away the hurts in my heart. There are soo many times I said I want to quit. Quit from everything that gave headaches, stresses, tensions and pressures.
Back to the fanfic I read, the writter then pointed out about the people who actually care for us. Even if we thought there was nobody who seem to care about us, there was still someone somewhere who deeply thought about us. There is still people who love us more than we love ourselves. I believe in that. Can I?

I know there's no point raging at something but still it will ease the problem.

I know crying make us look weak but still crying can lighten our heart.

But right now, I don't have a crying shoulder to lean on. I desperately need it.

The people who I care soo much, the people who I love deeply, the person who I miss damn much are not here by my side but they still inside my heart. And I know, they also feel like what I felt. That people, that person thanks. Thank you so much for being there with me when the world seems to be cruel with me. Thanks for hand me helps when I need it.

I'm not a person with words. Therefore, I'm not good in expressing my feeling. But you guys know it, right?

Those two years of spending time together actually change me a lot. Although I'm still lazy as I was born with it but still I finish all the homework given. I learnt about skinship that actually help a lot in a relationship like you and me. I also learnt about sharing is caring.

Those two years of speding time together, it has lots of memories. The beautiful and happy memories and also the bad and dark memories. All of it are so precious to me.

Those two years of spending time together, it give me strength to continue my life, to fight for the best, to keep continue and continue.

Fath, remember this.
"Run while you can. If you can't, then walk. If you can't walk, crawl. Don't stop moving. You can do it!"

letter from heart, fath

Friday, September 26, 2014

ELF are here

yeah. no matter what i will still love suju. there's no way i will hate one of them. i shocked when read the news but i cant do anything to change it. it's what ming want. how can i hate this little cutie pumpkin? tell me please!

thus, what i can do is only support him. i dont hate that girl. i just dont know her. how is her characters? or will she marry our minnie after he discharge from his service later? i dont want to see ming hurt or even cry. not a single tear. what he did is nothing wrong. he dont have to apologize. he is a human. he has feeling too like me , like us , like everyone.

personally , i do hurt . i cant . it was so sudden . but....

 : Even tho he isnt my real brother…ㅋ my brother lee sungmin. He is still saved as “sweet pumpkin” on my phone. The script was like this “Steam lots of sweet pumpkins~ ate them all ^-^” … but i forgotㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sungmin who was always quite and never made an accident was especially busy today..^-^ There is something I always say. “Hey no one can hit sungmin not even with a flower.” Oh right sungmin is a flower, you cant even hit him with my face (which is a flower)ㅋㅋ i might be exaggerating? lot during this comeback activity.. but our members they are all tired but we happily replyed on each other. And we will keep doing that. So lets all hold habds like oppa dongsaeng unnie noona and happily live long!! Im a person who hates cheesy words but our sungminie said.. “Hyung.. Im sorry… to our fans.. the members..” and im upset so im like this.. Altho we cant make seeet pumpkin’s road a silk road lets not make it into thorns ~ I love you my kids!! Altho im a kim heechul who cant even make a proper heartㅠㅠ bbuing bbbuing
 at the end , negative comments from k-netizens hurts me more than the news .

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+7,557, -109] I don't know who she is but have a great relationship

2. [+6,193, -168] He's leaving for the army soon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They'll probably break up sooner or later and blame it on the busy schedule ㅋㅋ Should've just denied it for now

3. [+3,997, -59] Have a good relationship~~~

4. [+3,535, -72] I want to date too

5. [+2,374, -160] Supporting you as a fan!!!! Have a beautiful relationship

6. [+516, -28] Seems pretty obvious the girl wanted to get fame off of this so they put out articles even when they can just date quietly ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Especially considering her agency put out articles first;;

Source: Nate

1. [+127, -20] He's dating while doing a musical that SM landed him through their power ㅋㅋ What a good waste of time

2. [+132, -31] One body isn't enough for SM kids apparently. Have to date while being a singer, date while shooting a drama, date while in a musical, date while holding concerts, and date while going to police stations.

3. [+92, -13] I always thought he was gay because he cosplayed Tony and kissed Kim Heechul and stuff

Source: Nate

1. [+308, -15] SM seems to have given up ㅋㅋㅋ Have a great relationship

2. [+318, -34] Does SM not care anymore ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're getting revealed left and right

3. [+201, -7] Fun times for client Sa Eun

Source: Nate

1. [+562, -20] And today I found out about the relationship of a new nugu

2. [+374, -18] She was Banana Girl from that dating show 'Jjak' last year ㅋㅋ She got famous for getting so much hate

3. [+234, -9] Ah.. I see..

still there are good comments ...

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+6,990, -135] Isn't it about time that they get their freedom?? They're 10 years into their debut..

2. [+6,612, -105] No one said anything ill about him dating.. Congratulations~

3. [+3,786, -95] Sungmin-ah, I'm thankful that you lasted these 10 years without any scandals. There's no reason for you to be sorry. Have a beautiful relationship.

4. [+2,895, -110] But who's Kim Sa Eun?

5. [+375, -15] SuJu are so old now, they're definitely able to date ㅎㅎ I think people were more curious about who he was dating. Have a great relationship.

6. [+334, -42] That Kim Sa Eun ㅋㅋㅋ That nugu tried to get her name known on that dating program 'Jjak' and got so much hate ㅋㅋ Now she's even trying to use Sungmin? ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+285, -16] It's not like they're gay or promised to be single for the rest of their lives. Nothing wrong with meeting women and dating. It's a thousand times better than lying about it~ Just don't get into trouble and have a wholesome relationship~

8. [+266, -13] Why is this something to be sorry about? What's wrong with a celebrity dating?

what ever it is ... i will always be beside super junior until the end ... no ... until forever .. just , dont cry .. :D 

By the end of the day, the last thing I want to see Sungmin cried and apologzing for dating. The situation is unfavorable but as ELF I will keep supporting him,,our sweet pumpkin 

The entire problem with this news is that it seems as though the girl/her company released the info herself. There were no photos, no evidence, nothing, but suddenly there's an article of her acknowledging to the relationship herself. Combined with the fact that there were news about her new drama released at almost the same time makes it even more suspicious. Sungmin has always been known to be a very private person, in fact all of the members are, which is why they rarely have any dating scandals. And as Heechul said, Sungmin cried because he felt sorry for the fans and the members, which just shows that he did not intend at all to release the news. For a lot of ELFs including me, we suspect that this is media play on her side, which is why we are not happy with it. On the other hand, I sure hope that it's a misunderstanding on our part because I want Sungmin to be happy and not to be used by her. I'm not saying whose fault it is because we definitely don't know the truth behind and it could be a complete misunderstanding. But most ELFs are generally okay with the news and we don't blame Sungmin for it because honestly our fandom is rather mature after being through so much for so long. We want the members to date and to marry and to have kids like normal guys of their age, but we also want their partners to be nice, respectful people.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Life as a travelor

i dont know what to write but my heart keep telling me write something since it been for ages i didnt write anything either using the keyboard or using my precious hand.

being too far away from family .... at first , i have no feeling and just go with it. and of course , excited. the first time ever flying in the sky and stepped on the sabah. but then , it's getting hard. now, there will be no makcik DS who prepared the food from subuh until night. there will be no dobi for twice a week. it hard to adjust first but slowly ... slowly .. it takes times .. btw

before that , congrats to ELF!! huhuuhuuu... it has been 8 years already. #Happy8thAnniversaryELF (late enough , yeah! i know) ... there is something i realize. ELF is a spoilt brat. SUPER JUNIOR spoilt ELF too much. but i love it .. hehe .. that's means SUPER JUNIOR appreciate ELF soo muchh... there's win win situation here. i hope this kind of relationship will last long , long enough to make me to tell my grandchildren that i adore them until forever.

i miss my friends.. so muchhh... entah laa.. there's empty space yang belum dapat diisi oleh manusia kat sini. having fun is yes but to make a kind of strong relationship like before is a no. especially si nabieyl tuh. yang tak dapat dihubungi .. sobs sobs .. where are you? there will be no human in the world that can replace somebody like nabieyl or tisya , or nalina or azza . but at least i want to find somebody who willingly be my friend and accept who i am.

for the God sake , i think pegi ke US is much more better since they use english thought they use different english than us. but when you came here , not more or less i have difficulties to understand them. but luckily they tries their best to explain what was that means. in the positive way, i can learn new languages. bahasa dusun laa , sarawak laa , kelantan laa .. etc ...

i think that's all .. i'm lazy to type now ..
pasal memori sekolah , i will try my best to continue. haishhh.....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[FANFIC] #SuperJuniorMSwing

The story was about a group of office boys who work in a famous office. The story started ...

Zhoumi was really angry since his vacation request was not approved by his boss. He messaged his gilfriends to tell them the bad news while on his way to the cafeteria. At the cafe, he met Henry who enjoyed his morning coffee. Henry saw his favourite donut on the table. The donut was sold out this morning and the last donut was bought by Zhoumi. Since Henry really wanted to eat the donut, he slowy took the donut away. But unfortunately, Zhoumi saw what he did and scolded him. The little boy was so sturborn, so didn't want to give back the donut. He ran away from Zhoumi with the donut.

Kyuhyun had to make hundreds photocopies of the paperworks. But, he didn't know how to used the photocopy mechine. He tried but failed. Luckily,  Eunhyuk accidentally saw Kyuhyun who stood like statue at the front of photocopy mechine. So, with pleasure he helped Kyuhyun by teaching him how to use it. Kyuhyun really thankfull for Eunhyuk since he helped him. Eunhyuk didn't bother to help him since they were colleagues.

Ryeowook had to correction the paperworks again for the third time and he got so frustation. Since their boss was not here, Ryeowook took out his precious expensive headphone which he bought in Japan last month and listened to his favourite song, Swing. Not far away from him, was Donghae who was in his verge of jealousy. He saw his boyfriend, Eunhyuk was having fun talking and flirting with Kyuhyun. After he saw that not-so-sweet moment, he couldn't do any work at all. He randomly wrote useless words on a piece of A4 paper. Then, he crushed the paper until it became a paper ball. He threw it to Sungmin.

Sungmin was shocked with the sudden attack from Donghae. He looked at Donghae with a big question mark on his face. Donghae gave a take-your-hubby-away-from-mine look. But Sungmin ignored him since he knew his hubby won't flirting with other guys like Eunhyuk. He was buzy planning a surprise party for Kyuhyun for their anniversary. While he was busy planning plenty of surprise, he saw Siwon who was in dreamland. Sungmin walked to him to wake him up.

Siwon dream about his Gabriel since he didn't meet his Audi for a long time. He just came back from China and now he had plenty of works to do. Thanks to Sungmin, finally Siwon woke up from his dream. Sungmin asked him if he is okay and Siwon said he's fine. So, Sungmin left him alone again. Henry who was next to him also asked him if he's okay. And again Siwon replied he's fine and continued to work. But, his ees seemed to be so heavy and Siwon back into the dreamland.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

tak tau nak bagi tajuk ape

#nowplaying - siwon's you raised me (cover)

For those who want to know my update except from my beautiful yet simple blog, just come to my beloved twitter.

(For those who just want to interact with me)


(For those who crazy about super junior)


To my friends, 
yang anggap aku ni kawan la


Kalau mesej aku secara biasa,
Mybe aku tak layan
Sbb tak ada kedit.
So call je kalau byk kedit ye

Kalau tak angkat
Anggap je la aku punyer fon tu dah terkubur
Sbb aku malas nk charge.

Hehe ..

FB pulak,
Aku akan bukak kalau rajin
Kalau aku ingat je la .. 
Kdg2 aku terlupa 
Bila asyik sangat trolling kat twitter..

Sunday, March 2, 2014

this is from my heart

Banyak sangat yang aku tak puas hati. First sekali, bila difikirkan balik, semua ada kena mengena dengan my oppa, Super Junior.

Ini hal yang agak lama. Pasal SJM datang buat persembahan masa Hari Belia. Salahkah? Mungkin salah bila goverment membazirkan banyak sangat duit untuk menjemput satu group yang sangat hebat dalam dunia KPOP. Semua peminat tau yang SM is all about money. Mustahil lah kan kalau SJM datang secara free je kan? Tapi, boleh tak jangan kutuk Super Junior? Dorang dah terlalu banyak terima kutukan daripada orang Korea sendiri. So, tak payah susah susahkan diri anda mengutuk mereka, ya?

As Malaysian, of course I do support the local artists and musicians. But their attitudes made me punch their faces. Boleh tak jangan nak gaduh with each others? Kat Korea, dorang tak ada Melodi untuk mengupas mengenai kemelut yang berlaku antara artis. Ada ke pergaduhan antara artis korea? Kalau ada oun, dorang tak akan buat statement sendiri sebab wartawa kena tanya label company dorang.

Kalau artis korea buat salah, dorang akan dikecam, dikutuk, mungkin lebih dari tu. Dan sudah tentu dorang akan buat presscon secara live untuk minta maaf kepada public. Walaupun mungkin dia hanya berlakon meminta maaf, tapi after the bad accident, company akan jaga dorang dengan penuh kasih sayang supaya perkara yang sama tak akan berulang lagi. Malaysia? Tiap tiap minggu asyik tengok muka yang sama je keluar Melodi. Tak menarik langsung.

Soal drama, for my own preference, aku lebih suka tengok drama mengenai school life macam Boys Over Flower and The Heir. And i hate horror dramas. Kat negara kita ni ada tak drama ala ala zaman World War 2 atau zaman Parameswara membina empayar Melaka atau zaman Tok Gajah dan Tok Janggut menentang penjajah? I wish i could watch one, and mestilah ada kisah cinta sikit kan? Baru menarik nak tengok, macam ceritaThe Great Doctor.

Drama korea baru yang menjadi fenomen ialah My Love From Another Star. Kim Soohyun is really daebak! Memang betul kata Kyu, Soohyun memang seorang pelakon yang hebat. sekarang ni aku tengah menonton drama Moon That Embracing The Sun, satu drama yang sangat touching. Tapi aku selaou terbayang muka Kyu bila tengok watak Lee Hwon tu, haha..

Sepanjang tahun ni saja, terlalu banyak cerita yamg kurang enak pasal artist SM. Aku pun berpuluh puluh tan kutukan telahpun dihadiahkan buat SM. Tell me, dalam dunia kpop ni especially buat ELF, SONE, SHAWOL, EXOFANS, CASSIE dan juga peminat f (x), pernah tak dorang rasa sakit hati dengan SM? macam macam yang peminat tak puas hati dengan SM. Macam macam yang SM lakukan tapi tak mendapat sambitan yang hangat. Lagipun, apa yang SM buat kebanyakkannya terlalu mahal!

Hal Woolim, kenapa ?

SM terlalu kaya ke? Sighed. Agak agaknya SM mampu beli KRU ke? Ataupun Mediaprima? Kalau mampu, mmg SM kaya dan penyumbang kepada kekayaan SM Iialah peminat. Tu mmg tak boleh nak buat apa apa dah. tpi, artis SM mmg hebat. Dulu, TVXQ. Lepas tu SuperJunior. SNSD yanh sentiasa hebat. SHINee yang pasti memberi saingan yang hebat. F (x) yang dinantikan. Exo yang menjadi fenomena. Lepas ni, girl group baru dari SM jenis macam mana pula?

Dan .., pasal B1A4 yang company dorg beli balik album baru dorang. Hal tu, aku tak sakit hati bila TVXQ kalah tpi sbb wujud nama Super Junior. Bolehkah korang buat perbandingan antara Mr. Simple dengan Sexy, Free & Single ? Setiap orang ada minat yang tersendiri. I more prefer to SFS berbanding Mr Simple. mungkin ELF yang lain pun sama, sbb tu jualan 6th album lagi tinggi frpd 5th album, mungkin juga sbb album first after kangin balik, mungkin sbb itu. Saban tahun, ELF meningkat.  Sebab SJ is too great.

haha.. terlalu banyak yang aku merepek .

Lastly, aku ada juga berharap yang ada artis malaysia akan menyertai asia song festival ataupun nominate dalam mnet asian music awards. Biar nama mlaysia dipandang tinggi. I hope shila amzah boleh kembangkan bakatnya ke korea. I am waiting

Dan dan dan ..

Mcm mana pasukan bola sepak harimau malaya nk berjaya akalau ultras malaya yang berfikir menggunakan kepala lutut bertindak bagaikan orang yang tak ada akal? Boleh majukah suka negara kita kalau peminat sendiri buat hal yang memalukan negara? Kalau suatu hari nanti, negara hancur macam yang berlaku kat syria, jangan menunding jari ke arah oramg lain sebab diri sendir yang menjadi penyebabnya. Dan kenapa tiada pelapis dalam bidang badminton? Kalau ada, suruh saja dorang join any championship. Biar dorg kalah. Sbb kekalahan membawa kepada kejayaan. Melainkan klau mereka tak reti nak belajar cara berdiri setelah jatuh.

Sekian .. sorry for any harsh words. I learnt it to protect my oppa .

And ignore any typing error ,.

Everyday i fall in love with super junior ♥♥

And to anyone who caled themselves as PETALs or ELFs, please support Heenim. don't be so selfish. It just a show. You all know heechul love Anna more than his own wife. But wait! He actually love his games more! And he already old enough to find a wife for him. He need someone to take care of him. Or should we ask Hangeng to be beside Chul like before?
Just don't hurt heenim. He maybe strong but .., you know.

Friday, February 28, 2014

[LYRICS] Super Junior - So I

Album : TWINS - Super Junior 05

Korean Lyric :

[Eunhyuk] Baby I just want to love you
You open up my heart... So I,
[Heechul] Arayo mideoyo cheotnune banhandan geu man
Achime nuneul ddeumyeon eojetbam kkumsoke geudae
[Sungmin] Naegerowa ipmajchudeon geuneukkim geudaero
Akid nama gyeosok nama onjongil geudae saenggake, utjyo
[All] So I pray for you, oh, so I
So I promise you, oh, so I
[Donghae] Yaksokhaeyo modeungeoshi
Geudaerago mideulkkeyo
 ([Ryeowook] Geudaerago mideulkkeyo~)
Will you come to me,
[Yesung] Na jogeuman deo geudaepume
O saranghaeyo geudae my love
Na eonjekkajina, ireohke
[Leeteuk] Geuddaedo jigeumdo ajikdo gaseumddwineun mal
You love me gidarijyo heojeonhan I maeum
(Darraeseo geudae gyeoteuro)
[Kangin] Honjamanui yokshimirkka ddaeron geobina
Geuriume duryeowodo ireohke ganjeorhi geudaer
Wonhaneungeolyo ooh~

[All] So I pray for you, oh, so I
So I promise you, oh, so I
[Ryeowook] Yaksokhaeyo modeungeoshi
Geudaerago mideulkkeyo
([Kangin] Geudaerago mideulkkeyo~)
[All] Will you come to me,
[Yesung] Na jogeuman deo geudaepume
O saranghaeyo geudae my love
Na eonjekkajina, ireohke
[Ryeowook] Geudae bbunijyo dugeungeorineun mamdo
[Ryeowook & Yesung] Na ireohke so I love you
Saranghandago neul gomapdago neomu
[All] So I pray for you, oh, so I
So I promise you, oh, so I
Yaksokhaeyo modeungeoshi
Geudaerago mideulkkeyo
 ([Kangin] Geudaerago mideulkkeyo~)
Will you come to me,
Na jogeuman deo geudaepume
O saranghaeyo geudae my love
Na eonjekkajina,
[Yesung] Ireohke~,
ooh~So I pray for you, oh, so I
So I promise you, oh, so I
Yaksokhaeyo modeungeoshi
Geudaerago mideulkkeyo
([Kangin] Geudaerago mideulkkeyo~)
Will you come to me,
Na jogeuman deo geudaepume
O saranghaeyo geudae my love
 ([Yesung] Geudae my love~)
Na eonjekkajina,
 [Yesung] Ireohke
([Yesung] Ooh~)
[Eunhyuk] So... I love you

Translation :

Baby I just want to love you
You open up my heart… So I
I know and I believe in love at first sight.
When I open my eyes in the morning I can feel
The kiss that left me in last night’s dream.
That feeling is still there and I smile all day thinking about you.
So I pray for you (oh) so I
So I promise you (oh) so I
I promise you everything.
I am going to believe that it’s you
(I’m going to believe that it’s you)
Will you come to me
I want to be just a little closer to your embrace
Oh I love you my love
I'm always going to be this way
Then and now those words still make my heart race,
You love me.
I wait but am afraid that this feeling of emptiness might
Just be my own selfishness.
Even if I’m afraid of lonliness, I genuinely want you.
So I pray for you (oh) so I
So I promise you (oh) so I
I promise you everything.
I am going to believe that it’s you
(I’m going to believe that it’s you)
Will you come to me
I want to be just a little closer to your embrace
Oh I love you my love
I’m always going to be this way
You’re the only one who makes my heart race and the only one for me
I love you so much like this
I love you, and I’m always so thankful
So I pray for you (oh) so I
So I promise you (oh) so I
I promise you everything.
I am going to believe that it’s you
 (I’m going to believe that it’s you)
Will you come to me
I want to be just a little closer to your embrace
Oh I love you my love
I’m always going to be this way
So I pray for you (oh) so I
So I promise you (oh) so I
I promise you everything.
I am going to believe that it’s you
(I’m going to believe that it’s you)
Will you come to me
I want to be just a little closer to your embrace
Oh I love you my love
I’m always going to be this way
So.. I love you..

Credit: Jpop Asia

[FANFIC] Kibum is back!!

Kibum stepped in kaut from the SM building. There was a huge crowd of fans at the front door waiting for their bias coming out from the building. Tinto the fans didn't follow him but took some pictires of him. Kibum already used to be like that. "Kibummie oppa!" A small voice of a girl called his name front behind. He quickly spurned and saw a tall slim girl with a straight black hair smiled brightly to him. Kibum replied her smile with his killing smile "Can I ask for your autograph?" Kibum nodded his head, didn't want to disappoint her. She brought out an album and a marker from her bag before handed it to him. Kibum was shocked to see the album. It was Sexy, Free & Single. An album which he didn't participate in. His trembling hand barely managed to sign the album.

"Thank you. This is for you," she handed a shopping bag and dissappered from his sight right after that. At home, Kibum stared blankly at the shopping bag. He even didn't have courage to look the content of the bag because he was so afraid. He called Kangin to come over to help him since he couldn't do it by himself. Kangin promised to drop by after Show Champion finished filming. He waited for Kangin patiently. For hours he sat and stared the bag before the door bell rang. Kibum quivkly opened the door and Kangin came into the house with his worried face. He always worried for Kibum. Kibum always got himself lonelyand that made Kangin worried about him. Since Leeteuk in army, so he had to take care of Kibum as he promised to Teuk hyung.

"What was in the bag?" Kangin asked but to his disappointment,  Kibum only shook his head to answer his question. Kibum looked so depressed. Without asking Kibum's permission, Kangin looked into the bag. There was a t-shirt, a blue t-shirt. Kangin took it out. There were words on it. "We love Kibum" at the front and "We will wait for Kibum" at the back. Both guys eyes rolled bigger since it made them shocked. When Kangin wanted to put the t-shirt back Into the bag, he saw a white envelope in the bag. He took it and read.

Dear Kibummie oppa who I love and adore so much, this Iis my first time writing a letter to Super Junior's member and also to someone who I love so much. I am an ELF who came from Malaysia and study in Korea. It was hard at first, and I knew your feeling when you firat time came to Korea, away from your family. But, Super Junior's songs always made my day. Everyday, before I when to college, I always hear Super Junior's song. I admit, I fall in love with you because of your killing smile. I may be look so stupid when I give you this present right?  I'm sorry, then. 

Kibummie oppa, I always pray to God that you will comeback to SJ as what the other ELF want. Am I asking so much? I may be sound so selfish, but everyday, ELF pray for SJ to be 15 again on stage someday. We waited for that to happen in future. It may be our dream until we died. Before SJ became this famous, you guys had to suffer so much pain. But it a price to pay for your future happiness. Zhoumi and Henry oppa, they slowly being accepted by the Korean ELF. I was quite mad because of their responses towards them. They suffred so much. But they didn't give up and I'm glad that they didn't.  

Kibummie oppa, since Hankyung oppa went to persue his dream in his own hometown and decided to leave SJ, I was so dumbfounded. I couldn't find any words to describe my feeling at that time. Kangin oppa also gone for a while and you didn't appear with SJ  again.  This year, it has been 9 years since SJ debuted. It has been four years after you deactive with SJ, right? Slowly, I loss my hope to see you with Suju again. Slowly, I let myself just being the ELF who accept what will oppas do. Slowly, I lost my patient. 

But, after SJ finished their world tour, Super Show 5, I realized, through this concert, SJ oppas can acted like themselves and ELF can enjoy and share joyness with SJ together. I realized, SJ and ELF have their futire together.  When I saw Zhoumi and Henry together with other oppas for the last stage, slowly my selfishness show up again. I want all 15 membersof Super Junior will be on stage together someday. 

By the way, this year, as Hyukie oppa said, is the year of Super Junior. It was gloomy last year as there is no SJ in any awards ceremony. So, I will wait patiently until the day Suju make their comeback and until the day Kibummie oppa and our Chinese gege come back to SJ and we will make the dreams come true. 

Lovely from an ELF, 

There was tears Kangin and Kibum eyes. Both of them cried. It was a touching letter from an ELF who had been waiting for them. 


It had been the fourth day since Leeteuk came back from the army. They had a performance at Incheon for a charity concert. They prepared this stage so well especially for the fans who waited for such a long time. This was also a first stage for Leeteuk after came back. The first song that they sang was Miracle, the original version. Like the old time. During the dance break, Shindong showed his powerful move to wow the audiences. After the dance break, it was Siwon's part. Siwon walked to the centre hand in hand with someone. It was Kibum. The fans started to screamed hysterically and chanted for his name. After the song finished, Super Junior greeted the audiences.

"It has been a long time since Super Junior make appearence in front of crowd. This my first stage after two years away from Super Junior and also, this surprise was for the fans who had been waiting for Kibum to come back. We both was so nervous but bexause of your chanting, we appeared on stage bravely. Please show your support for the event and please love Super Junior more. Wait for our comeback soon," Leeteuk as the leader made a speech. The next song was played. It was Sexy, Free & Single.


"This is the first time joining Super Junior. What do you feel?" Donghae asked when they were interviewed by Entertainment Weekly. "I'm so nervous bit also excited. This song is really addicted," Kibum said. "We prepared soo much for our fans. So, please support us and love us more," Leeteuk said for the ending.

"Hyung, i can write what i want, right?" Kibum asked for the n-th times and Leeteuk already tired to answer his same question. But he still could managed his patient. All Super Junior members busy writing Thanks To for their 7th album.


Kibum's 7th Album Thanks To :

I wanted to thanks to,
1. Suzanne, a fan who gave me courage and strongly believe in me.
2. Teukkie hyung who always support and protect me whenever and wherever you are.
3. Heenim who make me laugh with your glorious!
4. Hankyung hyung who i love so much. Wherever you are, you always remember us and support us. I deeply thank you for not forgeting us.
5. Yesung hyung who currently protect the country. Hyung, why you always appear at Mobit?
6. Kangin hyung who always be there for me and worried for me. I love you
7. Shindong hyung who currently diet and busy with his beautiful wife. You made me jealsous.
8. Sungmin hyung who never change and strong
9. Hyukjae hyung who envious with my pretty face
10. Siwon hyung who always made my day and support me
11. Donghae hyung who didn't look like a hyung to me. My brain much older than your, i think. Hehe..
12. Ryeowook who always cook for me. Thank you. It really delicious and yummy.
13. Kyuhyun who always play games with me. Let's play a new game, can we?
14. ELF who tiredly waited for us and md. Thank you so much. This album is for you. Keep loving us and i will not disappoint you again.
15. To zhoumi and henry who work really hard. Dont give up. We always support you. 
16. To SM family who always be there for me and help me with everything. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[LYRICS] Super Junior - Way (Eng Trans)

[English Translation]

Travelers rise up to move forward as many times
Even in distress mornings or windy nights
Flowers are blooming everywhere
Despite the extreme sunlight or soil with no water
You should not live a life that is full of of sadness and regrets
You should know that
We have our own path
Our own birthplace
Even scenery to look out for
But one day we would be together in a place
You are not alone
Let’s move forward and look for something that is worth living for
Now, overcome the days were you were at lost
It’s enough to be bothered by the past
Although there is no confirmation
I'm sure oneday we will get our chance
If there are things you cannot leave behind
Like farewells or unforgettable dreams
Just take them with you
Even if we part ways with our own dreams
All of it will be the pieces of the puzzle called ‘life’
When the time comes that you are confused and hesitated to move forward
I want you to remember the song of the travelers
Although we are far away from each other
We are still looking up at the same sky
Even in such common ways
All of these things are our treasure
I am proud that we have our own perspective and own identity
Even if we part ways with our own dreams
With all of this, little by little we move forward in attaining our goals in life

It's a japanese song from opera.
I was thinking, is this song was dedicated to Hangeng. Although we are far away from eachother but we still look at the same sky

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

sad news

Leeteuk oppa please stay strong and show us your most beautiful smile. We, ELF will always support you. Don't worry. Just stay healthy and strong.

Since before debut you went through a lot of things, until you joined SUPER JUNIOR. Then, you entered army and now you lost your beloved family. All of things happened for reason. And I am sure there are happiness at the end of road that is waiting for you. Thoght I'm far from you, I will always pray for your happiness and health. I'll also pray for your family. Remember, we are family. We'll support each otherand went throght all the hardness together.

Park Jungsoo protect the country, we protect Park Jungsoo


I cried ao much. It have been long time since I cried about Super Junior. My heart ... it soo hurt. My beloved man is in sadness...