Friday, February 28, 2014

[FANFIC] Kibum is back!!

Kibum stepped in kaut from the SM building. There was a huge crowd of fans at the front door waiting for their bias coming out from the building. Tinto the fans didn't follow him but took some pictires of him. Kibum already used to be like that. "Kibummie oppa!" A small voice of a girl called his name front behind. He quickly spurned and saw a tall slim girl with a straight black hair smiled brightly to him. Kibum replied her smile with his killing smile "Can I ask for your autograph?" Kibum nodded his head, didn't want to disappoint her. She brought out an album and a marker from her bag before handed it to him. Kibum was shocked to see the album. It was Sexy, Free & Single. An album which he didn't participate in. His trembling hand barely managed to sign the album.

"Thank you. This is for you," she handed a shopping bag and dissappered from his sight right after that. At home, Kibum stared blankly at the shopping bag. He even didn't have courage to look the content of the bag because he was so afraid. He called Kangin to come over to help him since he couldn't do it by himself. Kangin promised to drop by after Show Champion finished filming. He waited for Kangin patiently. For hours he sat and stared the bag before the door bell rang. Kibum quivkly opened the door and Kangin came into the house with his worried face. He always worried for Kibum. Kibum always got himself lonelyand that made Kangin worried about him. Since Leeteuk in army, so he had to take care of Kibum as he promised to Teuk hyung.

"What was in the bag?" Kangin asked but to his disappointment,  Kibum only shook his head to answer his question. Kibum looked so depressed. Without asking Kibum's permission, Kangin looked into the bag. There was a t-shirt, a blue t-shirt. Kangin took it out. There were words on it. "We love Kibum" at the front and "We will wait for Kibum" at the back. Both guys eyes rolled bigger since it made them shocked. When Kangin wanted to put the t-shirt back Into the bag, he saw a white envelope in the bag. He took it and read.

Dear Kibummie oppa who I love and adore so much, this Iis my first time writing a letter to Super Junior's member and also to someone who I love so much. I am an ELF who came from Malaysia and study in Korea. It was hard at first, and I knew your feeling when you firat time came to Korea, away from your family. But, Super Junior's songs always made my day. Everyday, before I when to college, I always hear Super Junior's song. I admit, I fall in love with you because of your killing smile. I may be look so stupid when I give you this present right?  I'm sorry, then. 

Kibummie oppa, I always pray to God that you will comeback to SJ as what the other ELF want. Am I asking so much? I may be sound so selfish, but everyday, ELF pray for SJ to be 15 again on stage someday. We waited for that to happen in future. It may be our dream until we died. Before SJ became this famous, you guys had to suffer so much pain. But it a price to pay for your future happiness. Zhoumi and Henry oppa, they slowly being accepted by the Korean ELF. I was quite mad because of their responses towards them. They suffred so much. But they didn't give up and I'm glad that they didn't.  

Kibummie oppa, since Hankyung oppa went to persue his dream in his own hometown and decided to leave SJ, I was so dumbfounded. I couldn't find any words to describe my feeling at that time. Kangin oppa also gone for a while and you didn't appear with SJ  again.  This year, it has been 9 years since SJ debuted. It has been four years after you deactive with SJ, right? Slowly, I loss my hope to see you with Suju again. Slowly, I let myself just being the ELF who accept what will oppas do. Slowly, I lost my patient. 

But, after SJ finished their world tour, Super Show 5, I realized, through this concert, SJ oppas can acted like themselves and ELF can enjoy and share joyness with SJ together. I realized, SJ and ELF have their futire together.  When I saw Zhoumi and Henry together with other oppas for the last stage, slowly my selfishness show up again. I want all 15 membersof Super Junior will be on stage together someday. 

By the way, this year, as Hyukie oppa said, is the year of Super Junior. It was gloomy last year as there is no SJ in any awards ceremony. So, I will wait patiently until the day Suju make their comeback and until the day Kibummie oppa and our Chinese gege come back to SJ and we will make the dreams come true. 

Lovely from an ELF, 

There was tears Kangin and Kibum eyes. Both of them cried. It was a touching letter from an ELF who had been waiting for them. 


It had been the fourth day since Leeteuk came back from the army. They had a performance at Incheon for a charity concert. They prepared this stage so well especially for the fans who waited for such a long time. This was also a first stage for Leeteuk after came back. The first song that they sang was Miracle, the original version. Like the old time. During the dance break, Shindong showed his powerful move to wow the audiences. After the dance break, it was Siwon's part. Siwon walked to the centre hand in hand with someone. It was Kibum. The fans started to screamed hysterically and chanted for his name. After the song finished, Super Junior greeted the audiences.

"It has been a long time since Super Junior make appearence in front of crowd. This my first stage after two years away from Super Junior and also, this surprise was for the fans who had been waiting for Kibum to come back. We both was so nervous but bexause of your chanting, we appeared on stage bravely. Please show your support for the event and please love Super Junior more. Wait for our comeback soon," Leeteuk as the leader made a speech. The next song was played. It was Sexy, Free & Single.


"This is the first time joining Super Junior. What do you feel?" Donghae asked when they were interviewed by Entertainment Weekly. "I'm so nervous bit also excited. This song is really addicted," Kibum said. "We prepared soo much for our fans. So, please support us and love us more," Leeteuk said for the ending.

"Hyung, i can write what i want, right?" Kibum asked for the n-th times and Leeteuk already tired to answer his same question. But he still could managed his patient. All Super Junior members busy writing Thanks To for their 7th album.


Kibum's 7th Album Thanks To :

I wanted to thanks to,
1. Suzanne, a fan who gave me courage and strongly believe in me.
2. Teukkie hyung who always support and protect me whenever and wherever you are.
3. Heenim who make me laugh with your glorious!
4. Hankyung hyung who i love so much. Wherever you are, you always remember us and support us. I deeply thank you for not forgeting us.
5. Yesung hyung who currently protect the country. Hyung, why you always appear at Mobit?
6. Kangin hyung who always be there for me and worried for me. I love you
7. Shindong hyung who currently diet and busy with his beautiful wife. You made me jealsous.
8. Sungmin hyung who never change and strong
9. Hyukjae hyung who envious with my pretty face
10. Siwon hyung who always made my day and support me
11. Donghae hyung who didn't look like a hyung to me. My brain much older than your, i think. Hehe..
12. Ryeowook who always cook for me. Thank you. It really delicious and yummy.
13. Kyuhyun who always play games with me. Let's play a new game, can we?
14. ELF who tiredly waited for us and md. Thank you so much. This album is for you. Keep loving us and i will not disappoint you again.
15. To zhoumi and henry who work really hard. Dont give up. We always support you. 
16. To SM family who always be there for me and help me with everything.