Wednesday, July 10, 2013

don't know what to say .. it's KINDI

Kindi Day ~~

actually that night should be farewell party for Cg Syahira but since she got emergency then, it been Party 5 Kindi .....

nasi ayam .. delicious~~


we were sitting in round on the floor of the DSL together .. chatting while eating ...
it was a precious night having all 26 of Kindian ate together. 

hero pederem was holding the cake ...

the girls .. and muhamad nurjafni at the back as the only hero in pic

izzuddin who played the guitar for entertainment.

kien, parem and mat ghan ... karaoke?

Kindi's hero - Syafiq, Amirul Akmal and Firdaus

Najwa Mak and Alya Ad

Kien and Alya

Ameer, Akmal and Jafni

what with that face?

Nyak played the guitar.. dedicated to whom, huh?

what are you whispering at ameer, pak leh?

what we were doing? haha .. singing .. yelling .. playing ... nothing stress .. just smile and laughing ... 
best night ever ...


Silat Gayong vs Karate-do ... with Tinggal Kenangan as background music .. haha...
extra with estranged and weird act. 
that is our craziness .... 
that's why i'm crazy ..
haha ...