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@fattyslimcuteme2009: Other thing I realize.. that SJ does not need all the fame and popularity in the world, they only need ELF's undying love~ and same goes to ELF.. just to see/watch SJ, it's enough for ELF to keep holding on to SJ. Everyone can experience popularity, but not everyone can get tremendous love like what SJ is receiving from ELF.. that explain's why SJ treasure and love ELF so much.. and that's why ELF love SJ, coz SJ knows how to appreciate love.
..I was Born Human, but I will die as an ELF <3

“Our boys teach us about if you wanna get comething, you should be fight for this” –ELF
“Our boys teach us how to manage our smile when we are actually in a bad situation” –ELF
“Our boys teach me how to save my money” –ELF
“Our boys teach us, how make our parents can proud with us” –ELF
“Our boys always make us cry and laugh without reason” –ELF
“Don’t worry now, good days will come next. Leave serious stories behind. Blow your mind. The time has come, don’t be afraid” –Mr Simple
“Our boys always can make me strong in whatever condition in my life” – ELF
“I think our boys very different with the other idols~ our boys always humble with their fans… that’s why I always felt happy and felt comfortable when I saw and meet our boys, really felt like family~ so sweet relationship between Super Junior and ELF~”
(Cr: @sjunited15)

Super Junior, thank you for believing in us, ELF. We are fools, so as you are and we’re very happy about that. –ELF Quotes
Eunhyuk: “To me, life without soccer would be like living a mindless and empty life.
Leeteuk quote for ELF: “without ELF, I’m just an empty shell. I’ll always loved ELF, even if ELF already forgot about SJ”

Leeteuk: ELF, please take care of yourself and other members too… Please protect them when I’m in the army!
Donghae: When the ELF is sleep, I was singing to put you asleep!!

"I still remember a lot of things. The moment we stepped up on stage, the moment when we cheered each other up. A huge crowd of people were looking at me. I felt like walking off the stage. I vividly remembered the moment I appeared on stage." –Kibum
Eunhyuk wants Super Junior to be together even after 50 years. He hopes that they can celebrate their 50th anniversary together.
Siwon: I Love ELF!!! Eunhyuk: Me too… Donghae: Me also!
“If my girlfriend can wait for me, I will marry her after I’ll come back from the military.” –Leeteuk

“It’s no big deal that your dad is gone. I’ll be your dad.”~ Heechul to Donghae
"It doesn't matter how long you've been an ELF from the beginning, what matters is that you'll be an ELF until the end." –Siwon
"This is not END, but an AND." –Leeteuk
“Fans who I love, it was hard supporting us? We are not going anywhere. Not a spotlight star, we are staying for a long time,” –Leeteuk
“ELF, I love you! Thank you!” –Donghae
“Super Junior strong supporter, ELF I love you!” –Yesung

“All members are tearful. Fans are always special, always giving endless love and support. I want to say thank you to the ELF,” –Shindong
“When you receive love from ELF, you can only give equal amount of love. ELF gives enormous loves and we try to give equal amount of love back to our fans. It might be the reason why we have such a close relationship with our fans,” –Sungmin
130315 @sjunited15: Elf is elegant’s fandom if they don’t see something wrong with the boys – ELF

130315 @sjissj: “SW: Like if you want to set sail in the see, you must be prepared to run into storms.” Trans cr: luv_opera
ELF without Super Junior is like day without sunshine, so gloomy and a tree without leaves, so empty. –ELF Quotes
How can I ever forget Super Junior if I think about them almost every minute in my life? –ELF Quotes
Being an ELF makes my wallet wrecked, body full of stressed but soul filled with happiness. –ELF Quotes

Ming - To the angels who always give us warmth, love & support, we call them ELF; they are friends who are always there! For them & with them, I will live my life and work hard for my dreams. Our people (fans) love you & love you again.
Shindong - I feel that I am very happy now, because now … I am living a successful life, dancing and bringing happiness to people by smiling. I think that all these have become possible because, I met my company, my members of SJ & ELFs.
Kyu - making many memories with the members, they (SJ members) have become my brothers, the most precious & valuable gift. From my first, to the memories I have till now, I want to keep it & I will cherish it forever.

Teuk - The best group of this century! The best leader! I’ve promise everyone that after 2 years; I will come back being even better. So with confidence, I would like to ask … My fans, you guys will wait for me right?
Hyuk - That’s right! We live for each other. We, being there, is to give each other strength & support. Although, we are all celebrities who receive lots of love from others, to me … we are all brothers and friends… So, I really like my members. In my eyes, they are this type of friend.
Hae - Together, we work hard, suffered, cried, laugh and sometimes quarrel … the love-hate relationship of ours … In Super Junior, even if it’s only temporary, I would never want to leave … Yes, I who refuses to leave … My heart which I could not control, can only side towards them & love them so ……

Won - With them, I can do it & I won’t feel afraid. Even though there are many things we could not foresee, ELFs who always give us lots of love … Because of you guys, we are able to continue walking without feeling lonely. The time spent with the staffs, to me, is also a valuable memory. It’s really hard to put into words… Our 7 years of happiness, sadness & hard work etc.

Yeye - Waiting for a “3rd Life” … Have lived my life for 22 years by the name of Kim Jong Woon and Super Junior’s Yesung for 7 years.

Wook - suddenly without any reason, my heart misses something…

Teuk - As I work here, do you know that I miss you even more? I miss being on the World Tour with the other members and seeing the blue glowsticks and hearing all the cheers. I hope everyone can smile brightly through the end of the year awards and conclude everything nicely! I miss, miss, miss you and I really really really really really want to see you guys…. You all have to be happy and healthy! There is a saying that goes, ‘You don’t laugh because you’re happy, but you’re happy because you laugh. So everyone, take care of yourself!! ELF!! I love you… From leader Teuk!! ^^

It is ELF who has enabled Super Junior to be able to do activities like this, thank you very much. And also the members who have protected us well especially when it was the toughest, thank you so much. Let’s be together and continue doing this forever. Thank you. – Yesung

Us Super Junior too will work hard and will work hard so that we will also be able to receive this award next year. Thank you our ELF from all over the world from the bottom of my heart. I love you.- Eunhyuk

Super Junior is the music of my life and their voices are the melody of my soul. No one can tell me when to stop loving Super Junior because I, myself can’t even tell when. –ELF Quotes

If they need millions of stars to make a world bright, I only need 15 stars to make my world bright. –ELF Quotes

I was just… just wanna say thank you so much – Henry.

Kyuhyun: ELF wants all of them to cry, right? So, I won’t *grin* I almost did but I only cry when we parted
Siwon: if Eunhyuk cried this hard, what would happen if we’re really leaving?
Sungmin: I know that ELF wants me to smile.
Henry: I really thought of quitting. Because of Thailand I’m still here and I think Zhoumi still here too, really~ thank you!

“What does ELF mean to SJM?” and Siwon answered, “My heart”.
“To me, ELF is like my voice, the thing that is the most important to me” –Kyuhyun.
“You’re the sweet babo who likes us! And we are the babo that you like!” –Kyuhyun.
Donghae: If ELF doesn’t exist, then we wouldn’t be too
Donghae, “You’re my everything”
Super Junior + ELF = Together forever as one

“I can’t be without you and you can’t be without me” –Eunhyuk.
“No problem if people think I’m ugly or ugly symbol of Super Junior, but I’m really happy that ELF always love and support me” –Eunhyuk.
“The amount that ELF loves them is the same they love ELF”. “Even though we speak different language but we understand each other.” –Donghae

@AllRiseSilver: With arms and legs tied, I cough up a scream. With the truth hidden, even cold lies are familiar. All with the same chilling smiles, pretending to be kind cosplay. Don’t want to say anything anymore. Bow and stay silent.Were everyone dead? I, listening to words like ‘don’t become trash, become a lie’, am also fake. (You) destroyed what used to be an unchanging dream, but what? The one who’s changed is you guys, what more do you want from me. Being aware, losing to the silence; a flower bloom in the mud; Turned on the light in the darkness and I’m walking with my shoulders straight. I won’t ever lose. Try pushing me more. This isn’t a maze, mirror. Put away those dirty hands. Your last place is on the keyboard; behind my back are friends who trust me. Try living like that forever. Nobody cares about desperate excuses. Why do you look at me so hard like that? Pitiful! Watch and see if I get out of here (because of you). Keep hiding there and continue to bark like crazy! I will walk my path, just follow my tail. See clearly with (your) two eyes how far I go. With arms and legs tied, I cough up a scream. With the truth hidden, even cold lies are familiar… 
-rap lyrics @SS6Seoul 

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