Thursday, August 4, 2016

This Week Drama

If you ask Fath one year ago, she might never wasting her life watching drama. Let alone, Korean drama since she only watched the complete drama with not so high rating but quite good plot. But somehow she changed. hahahaha

So, these days I have been watching Doctors, Let's Fight Ghost and W: Two Worlds. After the great drama, Descendants of The Sun ended, somehow it becomes a trend for female leads become a doctor. Luckily the female lead of Let's Fight Ghost is a freaking ghost. Thought the drama isn't a high rating drama, it has quite a great plot. Much better than Doctors actually. For Doctors, the scenes are quite cheesy and cliche. Maybe because I put quite high expectation on the drama itself. However for W: Two Worlds, it makes me confused. I don't why I keep watching it thought it keeps on making me frustrated.

For this week, Namgoong Min made a cameo as a single father of two sick sons. Damn. Every time he was on screen, he made me sad. The way he treated his kids was really heart-felt. Thus, for this week, Doctors won the title of best drama in my heart. I cried at the end and I can't wait for next week.

As for Let's Fight Ghost, Bongpal showed his jealousy when Inrang bought Hyunji a heels. Hahahaha. So cute. But still, the mystery made me anxious. Why even Professor Joo killed Hyunji? And on the preview of next week, Bongpal kiss Hyunji. I mean, they already kissed twice before but there was no feeling attached. But now, since Hyunji alreaady confessed she likes him and Bongpal also slowly started to realize his true feeling towards Hyunji, so..... kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!! *fangirling mode ON!*

And, W: Two World. On last Wednesday episode (episode 5), Kang Chul shot Yeonjoo's dad because he didn't have the culprit's face. I meant, he even killed Kang Chul's family at first but why there's no culprit to begin with? That's how Kang Chul live his life. And why even he didn't create another new character? That's how fictional world is. I don't understand. So, at the end Kang Chul jumped off the bridge to end the story but Yeonjoo wants to save him since she loves him. At the preview for next episode, Kang Chul stays alive and he and Yeonjoo get married. Somehow, I can't stop myself from watching it. Sigh.