Saturday, July 23, 2011

♥ ♥ Sexy SIMBA the Prince Of Gesture ♥ ♥

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siapa di sini kenal dengan orang yang bernama SIMBA ????
pernah dengar tak nama tu ????

kalau cari kat google image akan jumpa macam ni ::

Simba the Lion .....

tapi kalau cari Simba the prince of gesture pula jumpa ::

ehh !!!!??? ada SIWON pulak !!!!

hahaha ~~~~

SIWON digelar Prince of Gesture kerana tangannya selalu bergerak semasa dia bercakap .....
gelaran SIMBA pula diberikan oleh HEECHUL .....
selain itu, SIWON juga digelar SHIBROWS (Singkatan kepada SHIWON EYEBROWS) .....

Ini lah sebabnya dia digelar SHIBROWS
SIWON Chicken Hands .... the way he greet someone ...
(Prince of Gesture)

Why is Choi Si Won from Super Junior nicknamed Simba?
So a while ago, Heechul decided to give himself a Disney character name as a nickname (for an online account of some sort) and he chose Cinderella probably cause he knows he's so pretty and feminine a lot of the time. After that, some of the other members also asked him for Disney character names. So Heechul called Siwon Simba since the members all say he has the face of a prince. Kibum is Snow White, Donghae is Pinnocchio (though people call him Fishy), and Leeteuk is Peter Pan (but he always goes by Teukie Teukie Leeteuk(ie) / angel who lost his wings.) Besides Cinderella, the other nicknames aren’t really used, but those are still their nicknames.

Super Junior fan

I'm feel very lucky because I met Siwon ...
tapi bukan lah face to face ...
cuma dalam TV, internet etc ....

SIWON juga amat terkenal sebagai Sexy Man ...
nak tau kenapa ???

Ngee ~~~ Ngee ~~~ SEXY !!!!

selain itu ..... siwon seorang yang sangat setia dan dia sayang akan ahli ahli dalam SUPER JUNIOR ......

Siwon dengan Donghae

Siwon dan Yesung

Ryeowook dan Siwon

Siwon dan Eunhyuk
Kyuhyun dan Siwon

Siwon dan Zhoumi
Henry dan Siwon

Siwon dan Heechul

Kangin dan Siwon

Siwon dan Hankyung (Hangen)
Siwon and Sungmin

Kibum and Siwon (Just like me and my friends :))
Siwon and Leeteuk

Siwon and Shindong
Manja betul SIWON ni ~~~
hehehehe .....

Siwon lebih banyak diambil gambar bersama Donghae selain bersama Hangen, Kyuhyun dan Kibum .....

Pasti Siwon berasa sedih dengan pemergian Hangen dari Super Junior serta ketiadaan Kibum .....


Siwon’s grandmother passed away on July 23, 2011 (KST). She was 94 years old.

10 months ago, Siwon tweeted this pic of his grandmother’s birthday cake.

[TRANS/Siwon's grandmother passing away] Boryung Medience Co.,Ltd. CEO Choi Giho’s Mother, Seoul Samsung Hospital Funeral room no.12. The coffin to be borne out on July 25th. We pray for you. (RT YesungCenter)

Siwon @siwon407 Tweets related to his grandmother.

break my heart. but i should stay strong.

During Skip a Beat filming once Siwon mentioned his grandma,& saying how the place where he was filming reminded him of his grandma & how he wished to see her :(



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