Thursday, March 28, 2013


Birth Name: 이혁재 Lee Hyukjae
Stage Name:
은혁 Eunhyuk
English Name: Spencer Lee
Blood Type: O
Weight: 58kg
Height: 176cm
Position: Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Song Writer
Subgroup: Super Junior Trot, Super Junior Happy, Super Junior M, Duet with Donghae, YOUNIQUE Unit (SM Project)
Birth Date: 04/04/1986
Language: Korean and English [Limited]
Nick Names: Jewel Guy, Monkey, Anchovy, Gem Adonis, Little Mermaid, cockroach, Hallyu Star, Hyojjae, Hyukgoo
2012 YOUNIQUE Unit “Maxstep”
2012 Oppa Oppa with Donghae

2012 I AM. – SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden as himself
2010 Super Show 3 3D as himself
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys as Judo Society member
Television series/Variety Shows
2012 Running Man as a special guest for idol special
2011 We Got Married (Season 3) guest for Leeteuk and Kang Sora (MBC)
2011 Dream High guest with Leeteuk (KBS)
2011 We Got Married (Season 2) guest for Nichkhun and Victoria(MBC)
2010 100 points out of 100 (KBS)
2009 Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2 (KBS)
2008 We Got Married (Season 1) guest for Alex and Shin Ae (MBC)
2007 Explorers of the Human Body
2006 Rainbow Romance guest ep 104 (MBC)
2006 Mystery 6
2006 Full House (KM)
2005-2006 Super Junior Show (KM)

Hosting programs

2012 Great Birth 2
2011 “Super Junior ForeSight”
2010 MBC Star Audition : The Great Birth
2009 “SBS Strong Heart”
2009 “SBS Star King”
2009 MBC Lord of the Ring
2008 KBS Miracle
2008 MBC Idol Show Season 1
2008 Unbelievable Outing Season 3
2006-2008 Mnet M! Countdown
2005-2006 Super Junior Show (KM)
2011-2012 Fame as Tyrone Jackson
Radio Program
2006-2011 Super Junior Kiss The Radio
2009 SBS Entertainment Awards: Best Newcomer
Eunhyuk is best friends with Junsu of JYJ. They have been friends since childhood.
He never went to a club before.
His first taste of alcohol was on his 27th birthday in Paris.
He writes all of his rapping parts in Super Junior songs
Eunhyuk hates half cooked food
Eunhyuks favorite colors are white, blue, beige, and grey
Eunhyuk is very shy around girls. The members said that Eunhyuk is so shy, when he is alone with a girl, he wont hold her hand.
Eunhyuk is a crybaby
He loves anything with strawberry.
Eunhyuk sleeps alone in his room with dolls and a lot of pillows.
Eunhyuk likes to keep his secret him to himself because he was afraid if people will be worried of him, despite of this, Donghae is always worried and keep forcing Eunhyuk to tell his problem to him.
Eunhyuks first love when he was 13.
Eunhyuk is known to be the stingiest member of Super Junior.
He is a certified IU Fan Boy
Eunhyuks ideal girl: pretty, cute, fair-skinned, pretty eyes, girls with curly hair
Eunhyuk dislikes seafood
Eunhyuk also really like eating instant noodles. He said I am an Instant noodles food expert
Eunhyuk was jealous with Kyuhyuns nickname Magnae on Top so he named himself Treasure on Top.
Eunhyuk: To me, life without soccer would be like living a mindless and empty life.
Eunhyuk is the one that convinced Heechul to stay with Super Junior
He is really bad at showing his emotions and its hard for him to express his feelings.
He wants to name his future kid Eunhae
He only eat korean food even at foreign countries
When it comes to clothes he doesnt care about the price and would purchase it.
He have a café named Tous Les Jour that handled by his family and sometimes he will come as part-time job.