Thursday, March 28, 2013


Birth Name: 이동해 Lee Donghae
English Name: Aiden Lee
Blood Type: A
Weight: 60 kg

: 175 cm
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, and Song Writer
Subgroup: Super Junior M, Super Junior D&E
Birth Date: 15/10/1986
Language: Korean, Mandarin, English [Limited]
Nick Names: Fishy, Donghae Bada (East Sea), Pinocchio, Dorobbong, Tiger, and Prince
Twitter: @donghae861015
Instagram: @leedonghae


Soundtrack and Singles
2007: The 2nd Asia Tour Concert Album "O"
2009: Happy Bubble CF OST
2010: It's Okay, Daddy's Girl OST
2011: Only U
2011: Asian Song Festival 2011 with UNICEF
2011: Skip Beat! OST
2012: Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog OST
2014: The Youth aka The Rumor as Jungwoo
Television dramas:
2010 It's Okay, Daddy's Girl as Choi Wookgi
2011 Skip Beat as Shang Jie Yong / Bu Po Shang
2012 Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog as Go Seungji
2014 God's Quiz - Season 4 as Han Shiwoo

He likes to hang his chin on other peoples shoulder.
He is the only person who knows Heechuls mailbox password
During free time he prefer to practices his singing skill.
He loves children and puppies and hopes to be a father as soon as possible.
Hes close friends with DBSK Yunho and Boa
Hes in the Heechul Line
Hes known as the cried baby
He is very affectionate in his way if waking up the members, he either pad their butts or hug them out of bed.
He is an Apple Boy. He has Macbook, 2 iPads, iPhone, iTouch, and iPod classic.
He is the only Super Junior member who has an older brother.
He often laughs by himself when listening to Sukira in his room, makes everyone thinks he’s crazy.
He is dislike any sweet food.
He likes to look at the eyes the most.
He is the honest type if its no, he would say so and the same goes for the truth.
He is the favorite Hyung of SHINee’s Minho and they are so close
He is one of the first four Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps.
When he is with EunHyuk, he is very playful like a puppy.
He has bad experience in love, He dumped by women who he liked about 2 years. The women never received his love
He have ever thought to become bad boy, cause He thought girl likes bad boy more.
He is a type boy who will do and give anything when he fall in love.

His father passed away on 8th August 2006 due to cancer.

“We have been awarded 1st position while promoting our album. The members are able to their parents about it through phone. During that time…” –Donghae.  “You wish you could call your father?” –MC. “Yes,” –Donghae.

“If I had a wish, I’d wish for my father to come to my concert. Even if it just once….”

“My father is like a friend to me. But my friend is suddenly gone,” –Donghae.

“He (Donghae’s father) treats us really well. Actually, we all knew that Donghae’s dad really like Nam Jin sunbaenim’s ‘Doon Gee’. During our parents gathering, Donghae’s dad will definitely sing Nam Jin sunbaenim’s ‘Doon Gee’. All the mothers say that Donghae’s dad sings well, that he’s really good. So, from that onwards, we decided to find Nam Jin sunbaenim. The members of Super Junior Trot and Nam Jin sunbae had a joint stage performance. However at that time, Donghae could not bring himself to be on the same stage. During the rehearsal, we didn’t where he disappeared off to by himself. That he really missed his dad, so he cried alone. We felt even more apologetic then and felt the need to protect him even more.” –Shindong.

“Donghae treats our parents very well too. Donghae is really a filial person,” –Shindong

“Donghae’s dad was like our real dad,” –Kangin.

“I’m older than Donghae by one year. I knew Donghae since young, when Donghae was in middle school. My heart hurts when seeing Donghae being so lonely. Sometimes when I had schedule, Donghae will call and ask, ‘Hyung, where are you? Are you busy?’ I would say, ‘Hyung has a schedule now, why?’ He’ll reply, ‘Nothing, I just wanted to have a meal with hyung’. Really… I’m sorry,” –Kangin. He knows that Donghae called because he needed him but pretended to be ignorant because of his busy schedule.

“For me, I knew Donghae’s dad very long ago. Me and Donghae’s dad were walking and sat on a bench. He held my hands and said ‘it’s been tough on you’. I said, ‘It’s nothing. It is something I like to do’. So I told him, ‘Please don’t worry, everyone all like Donghae’. He said, ‘I hope will stay by Donghae’s side and take good care of him in future’. After that whenever I was beside Donghae, I would think of what Donghae’s dad told me.” –Leeteuk.