Thursday, March 28, 2013


Birth Name: 김희철 Kim HeeChul
English Name: Casey Kim
Blood Type: AB
Weight: 60 kg
Height: 179 cm
Position: Vocalist
Subgroup: Super Junior T
Birth Date: 10/07/1983
Language: Korean and English [Limited]
Nick Names: Heenim, Cinderella, Flower, Kim Pink , Kim Moodswing, Kim Cherry , Snake , Heerobbong, and Heebongie Hyung
2011 M&D Close Your Mouth with Trax Jungmo
2011 Breakups are So Like Me with Kim Jang-Hoon
2009 “First Star” (
초별, Chobyul) – Loving You a Thousand Times OST
2008 “Don’t Walk Away” – Xanadu OST
2010 Super Show 3 3D as himself
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys as Kim Hee-chul, the Ultra Junior president
TV Dramas:
2011 Youth Melody as Shen Taiyi (CCTV)
2010 I Am Legend as himself cameo (SBS)
2009 I Love You Ten Million Times as Lee Chul (SBS)
2009 TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun as himself cameo (MBC)
2007 Golden Bride as Kim Young Soo (SBS)
2006 Bad Family as Gong Min (SBS)
2006 Mystery 6 as himself (MNET)
2005 Rainbow Romance as Heechul (MBC)
2005 Loveholic as Young Chef cameo (KBS)
2005 Sharp 2 as Baek Jin-Woo (KBS)
Variety Shows
2011 Radio Star
2010 Running Man as special guest
2010 Family Outing 2
2010 Because I Like you
2008 Intimate Note
2008 Exploreres of The Human Body
2007 Idol World
2006 Full House
2005-2006 Super Junior Show (KM)
Music Video Appearances:
2010: “Shady Girl”- Sistar
2010: “
가슴이 차가운 남자 (Let You Go)” – TRAX (band) with Victoria Song
2011 Radio Star
2006-2008 Inkigayo
Radio DJ
2012 Sundong Cafe
2005-2006 Young Street Radio
2010-2011 Heechul’s Young Street
2008 Xanadu as Sony
2011 MBC Entertainment Awards: Rookie Award (Show/Entertainment)
2010 Allkpop Awards: Best Social Network Personality 2011
2010 GoKpop Music Awards: Best use of social media
2007 Summer Break Mnet 20′s Choice Awards: Best Pretty Boys
First impressions of Heechul would probably be that he is an overly confident princess.
Heechul was smart and on top of his class when he was a kid. Heechul wanted to try acting with psychopathic, despicable or killer characters.
He created the AB club known as Chocoball which include his close friends of FT Island Hongki, Jonghun, Epik High Mithra, Beast Junhyung, etc
He have a lot of connections or friends in the industry.
He is known to have a lot of scandals.
He is close to DBSK Yunho and F(X) Sulli as well as Boa.
He loves cats.
Only Trax Jungmo can keep Heechul in check.
one of his cat is name HanJayHeeBum which is a mixture of Heechul, Trax Jay, Kibum and his name.
He went into a girl’s bathroom when he first debuted because of his long hair and pretty face.
Heechul likes to write poems and fairytales. In school days, he made “sellectice and Karrion” He still draws Sellectice in his autographs.
He doesn’t believe in happy endings.
He hate super hero movies
He dont wait for anyone longer than 20 minutes
Heechul does not believe in a god.
Heechul loves games and sometimes posts screen caps from W.O.W
Heechul at first didnt know how to use Twitter because it was confusing.
Heechul made a Facebook but deleted it because it was confusing
Heechul deletes numbers of those who dont reply him.
He likes America and says that it is a place that is his style.
He would usually drink with Han Geng back when they were roommates.
It is hard to be his friend but when you become his friend he cherish you a lot.
He is a certified SoHee fan boy since the beginning.
He likes girls who looks good on skirts, pretty legs and is glamorous.