Thursday, March 28, 2013


Birth Name: 김영운 Kim Youngwoon
Stage Name:
강인 Kangin
English Name: Jordan Kim
Blood Type: 0
Weight: 70 kg
Height: 180 cm
Position: Vocalist
Subgroup: Super Junior Trot & Super Junior Happy
Birth Date: 17/01/1985
Language: Korean and English [Limited]

Nick Names:
Kang Kings, Kkang, Racoon, Ox Youngchoon, Beast, Bear Kangin, Strength Kangin, Korea No.1 Handsome Guy, The Real Leader, Appa
2008 Hello, Schoolgirl as Kang Sook
2007 Alvin and the Chipmunks as Alvin
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys as Judo Society captain
Television Series
2009 Romance Zero as Na Ho-tae (MBC)
2008 We Got Married Season 1 (MBC)
2007 Billie Jean, Look At Me as a friend cameo (MBC)
2006 Rainbow Romance as himself cameo (MBC)
2002 A Man and a Woman cameo appearance (SBS)
Music Video Appearance
2007: “Flight Girl” – Magolpy
2012 Goong as Lee Shin
2008 Xanadu as main lead
Hosting programs
2009 Miracle
2008 Idol Show Season 1
2008 Unbelievable Outing Season
2007 Show! Music Core
2007 Nothing is Impossible
2007 Sunday Dong-an Club
2006 Super Adonis Camp
2006 Full House
2005 M!Countdown
Radio DJ
2008-2009 Good Friend Radio
2006-2007 Reckless Radio
2008 MBC Entertainment Awards: Best DJ
2007 Summer Break Mnet 20′s Choice Awards: Best Bad Boy

Kangins ideal type is a girl who has nice feet. The second toe can’t be longer than the first.
in high school, Kangin was confessed with love by a guy.
during trainee days, Kangin was put in a 4-members project group called Four Seasons together with his now fellow band mate Kim Heechul and DBSK’s Jaejoong and Yunho.
Have the manly feature in Super Junior also the trouble maker
Hes known to be pair up with Leeteuk known as Kangteuk.
Kangin favorite English phrase was youre so beautiful.
All members chose him as the least trusted person cause he would tell the media their secrets.
Crankiest when hes in the morning and dont have enough sleep.
the strongest member and everyone is scare of him.
Kangin loves kids although during Super Junior Adonis the kids didnt like him.
Kangin says he want to be part of super junior for the rest of his life.
Kangin gets mad when Shindong loses weight because then he would be put on the spot for his weight.
Kangin likes to pay for his girlfriend and hates it when his girlfriend spends money on him because he felt as a man he should pay for everything.
He is a tough guy, but hes really a warm-hearted person.
Heechul says HongKi from FT Island look like Kangin.
Kangin is close friends with Tablo from Epik high
Kangin is also a friend of Big Bang G-Dragon
Hes proud to be a part of Super Junior and always mention his brothers
Hes awkward with Super Junior Sungmin because their personality clashes.
He told Leeteuk that he wants to be the person that protect Leeteuk since all Leeteuk have been doing is protecting the members.