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Birth Name: 김기범 Kim Kibum
English Name: Bryan Trevor Kim
Blood Type: A
Weight: 58 kg
Height: 179 cm
Position: Lead Rapper
Subgroup: None
Birth Date: 21/08/1987
Language: Korean and English
Nick Names: Killer Smile, Snow White, Yangban Kim, The Natural One, Normal One
Twitter: @ikmubmik
Instagram: @mub_ik_mik
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys as Kibum- Narrator
2010 Jumunjin as Ghost
Television series
2014 Lucky Tianbao as Zhu Tianbao
2013 The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils as Duan Yu (Hunan STV)
2012 I Love Lee Tae Ri as Geum Eun Dong (TvN)
2011 Deep Rooted Tree as Pak Paengnyeon (SBS)
2008 Chunja’s Happy Events as Park Jungwoo (MBC)
2006 Snow Flow as Ha Yeongchan (SBS)
2005 Sharp 2 as Joo Yuhmyoung (KBS)
2005 Marrying a Millionaire as Young Kim Younghoon (SBS)
2005 Rainbow Romance as Kim Kibum (MBC)
2004 April Kiss as Young Han Jungwoo
Variety shows:
2007-2008 Explorers of the Human Body (SBS)
2006 Full House (SBS)
2006 Mystery 6 (MNET)
2005-2006 Super Junior Show (KM)
Musical Video Appearance
2006: “Passion (My Everything)” – The Grace
Theatrical play
2010: A Nap – Baekam Art Hall


Kibum was born in Seoul move to California when he was 10 years old.

Kibum dated a girlfriend whos older about 9 years from him
He likes Thai Boxing. He said in the early 2007, Thai Boxing was one of his new hobbies since he joined SJ.
He likes Rabbits, Orange, and Cat. But he hates Apple, Hot, Snow, and number 9.
He treats the younger girls as sister or daughter not ladies. He loves kids very much.
His closest hyungs (elder brother) from Super Junior is Heechul and Donghae.
Heechul gives Kibum more than 2 nicknames but the most popular is Yangban Kim and Snow White.
Kibum and Donghae used to share the same room when theyre go abroad. Leeteuk said theyre good boys. Cause theyre sleep early and wake up early.
Kibum is one of the gamers from Super Junior other than Kyuhyun. His favorite game is StarCraft.
Kibum is the one who taught Kyuhyun how to play StarCraft.
Super Juniors cover boy. He used to be in the front in every Super Junior photo shoot.
Kibums super shy, he admitted it himself. When he first moves to Korea he scared he wont get any friends.
Kibum has a habit when hes laughing. He covers his mouth with his back hand. Heechul can imitates it correctly
Kibum others closest friends from SM is DBSK’s Changmin and Yunho, SNSD’s Tiffany and Yoona.
Kibum is shy and quiet, but once he talks. He wants everyone to pay attention at him. If they dont he might cry.
Kibum said Eunhyuks the most interest at Yadong/Porn. When the MC asked how about the others? He said just Hyuk.
Kibum can easily awake but not fully awake. He needs time to realize hes fully awake.
Kibum will choose to go to sleep when hes stressed.
Kibum once looked at his girlfriends purse, because hes curios what was inside.
Kibum admired long haired girls; he said make a property such a beautiful long hair isnt easy.

“Although he might be Kim Kibum when he goes out, in our team he’s still our magnae, Kibum.” –Kangin

Kibum is the magnae who is envious by his hyungs.

“Who do you like the most among Super Junior?” –Kangin. “Kibummie oppa,” –ELF and Kangin frustrated. “Kibummie oppa?” -Eunhyuk

“To Kibummie oppa,” –ELF. “To Kibummie oppa? (frustrated)” –Kangin

“If you learnt English well, then you can compliment yourself at the same time,” –Kangin. “All I knew is “handsem” (handsome) and “great pace” (great face)” –Heechul

“Even though Donghae is pretty, but he’s still less pretty than Kibum. That’s why he got the lower score,” –Heechul

“When picking the food, everyone will say what they want and its takes a while. So, I will just wait quietly,” –Kibum

“When I was in the hospital, it was a really lonely and difficult time. Kibum will come every day and sleep in the hospital and he did cry,” –Heechul.

“I trust Kibum and Donghae the most. They are the most obedient dongsaengs,” –Leeteuk.

“To our Kibummie, I feel so thankful for him! Our Kibummie,” –Leeteuk.

Officially announced his contract with SM Entertainment has ended on August 18 2015 via Instagram