Thursday, March 28, 2013


Birth Name: 신동희 Shin Donghee
Stage Name:
신동 Shindong
English Name: Mathew Shin
Blood Type: O
Weight: 93 kg
Height: 178 cm
Position: Rapper, Dancer
Subgroup: Super Junior Trot & Super Junior Happy
Birth Date: 28/09/1985
Language: Korean and English [Limited]
Nick Names: Dolpan Ogyupsal(a type of food), Dongri Dong Dong, Winnie the Pooh
2012 I AM. – SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden
2010 Super Show 3 3D
2007 Alvin and the Chipmunks as Theodore
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys as Ultra Junior member
Music Video Appearance
2011 “Oppa, Oppa (Shindong Version)” – Director
2007 “Flight Girl” – Magolpy
Hosting programs
2009 MBC Lord of the Ring
2009 SBS Miracle
2008 MBC Idol Show Season 1
2008 Unbelievable Outing Season 3
2007 KMTV DJ Green Apple Sound
2007 MBC BoBoBo Ai Joa
2007 Explorers of the Human Body
2006 Mystery 6
2005-2008 M.NET M!Countdown
2005-2006 Super Junior Show (KM)
Radio Show
2008-present MBC “Stop the Boring Time”
2011 SBS Entertainment Awards: Best Entertainer Award (Talk Show Division)
2010 SBS Entertainment Awards: Best Newcomer MC
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Best Male Rookie Award

Shindongs favorite color is purple
He also known as Super junior’s Teddy Bear
Shindong often feels resentful to Donghae because Donghae often borrows his clothes not because Donghae wants to wear it but for to be the blanket.
He is Super Juniors Choreographer
Lee Teuk and Shindong is the first member who visited SNSD dorm. Shindong also have decorated their dorm quietly for a surprise
In the Super junior member the most often snored is Shindong
Shindong very like online shopping because his size is very difficult to look for
Shindong has a habit he sleeps naked
Shindong is known as the mood-maker for SuJu and gets everybody in a happy mood.
He often ride his scooter with Sungmin
In one of Super Juniors shower competitions, he took only 27 seconds, breaking Siwons record of 30 seconds.
Out of all the Super Junior members, Shindong had his first kiss first.
When hes going on a diet, Shindong talks about foods in his sleeps
Shindong is really open with his life he announce he is currently in a relationship and he got double eye lid surgery,
He say the person he is most awkward with is Donghae
Kyuhyun likes to kick Shindongs butt and not just him but a lot of the members agree
He is famous for cross dressing on Strong Heart
He loves pork out of all the food.
He say he likes to own things that is why he have a lot of business
He is known to be cheerful and always try to resolve things in the group
Shindong reveals that he is not the only child but in fact have a little sister
He always feel sorry to Super Junior because of his looks he feel like Super Junior is always look down on.