Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Not everything is smooth as you though.

[2006] Kim Heechul’s live that produce issues and being blame eventually.
Stupid people: You still cannot behave yourself
Me: He just to be himself! Main actor of his life is himself.

[2006] Kim Heechul’s Accident
Stupid people: Why doesn’t Kim Heechul from the non-concept SJ continue to dance? Why is he still alive?
Me: Just imagine your legs have such a big pain and you have to dance in front of people. It must be hurt, right? Because of he alive now, Super Junior got the name of “King of Kpop Idols”. Super Junior will be not Super Junior if there’s no Kim Heechul.
Stupid people: Is it the elementary dance? I can go on stage with his level.
Me: Seriously? Then, try!

[April 2007] Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun involved in accident and Kyuhyun was badly injured.
Stupid people: Why is he still alive? Why not kick the bucket?
Me: Yah! Because of him (Kyuhyun), I knew Super Junior. I thanked a lot to him because gave a great voice for Super Junior.

[Summer 2007] Attack on the Pin-up Boys, first movie belongs to SJ; first performance on the screen was released.
Stupid people: Are things like that considered to be movies? It’s so non-concept. Why it is still being put in the film industry?
Me: Seriously you said like that? Bhah! You didn’t feel it! Shut your mouth. You don’t know anything about SJ.

[Winter 2007] 2jib, Don’t Don was released.
Stupid people: I could hear nothing except the sound of machines. SJ are singers who sing with too many flaws and without skill.
Me: I admitted that Don’t Don is kind of noisy but SJ are the talented singers. They were too young at that time. They still need to learn more. They still are searching their skills. Nobody is perfect. So, do you think you’re perfect enough to judge people like that?

[January 2008] The protest of ‘The Defence of 13’ begun. Except protesting in front of SM, ELF also pooled $1000 to buy 1% shares of SM Company under their own power for Super Junior.
Stupid people: Are you thinking the nearby residents? You are just nonsenses, aren’t you?
Me: Are you thinking of Super Junior’s heart when you are making such a mean comment that might be hurting their hearts?

[2009] Kangin’s violence issues, Kibum and Heechul’s solo and Hangeng slavery contract
Stupid people: Oh, it is 13 rights? Kibum has the soap opera, Kangin’s incident and Heechul’s solo. Here comes Hangeng’s incident again … oh, this is giving me a big headache, you guys just better disband.
Me: WTF! Not matter what happens, Super Junior will be Super Junior even 50 years past. Why it’s so bothering your life? Just go away!
Stupid people: No one will be aware of missing several out of 13. My suggestion is that why not disband Super Junior as they don’t have singing potential … those songs are really odd.
Me: No one will be aware? Huh! But I’m aware of them! Even one of them is missing, I’ll aware of it. They don’t have singing potential? Are you deaf or what? Did you listen to their song carefully? Their songs made me motivational. They taught me through their songs.
Chinese ELFs: Why not come back to his own country, instead of getting hurt in the other country?
Me: Yeah! He was hurting at there. But still I want him to be in Super Junior. Super Junior is not completed without him. Super Junior is missing something.

We, the ELF were much more clamorous than the SJ members who are under the spot light although we both did make mistakes in the past. Please lay all the blame on us, the ELFs should you want to give a scolding. The Super Junior members are tearful so please don’t make them cry anymore. Every time Super Junior is unable to tell what they want in their hearts. Every time, Super Junior is unable to account for their grievances entirely. Please try not to treat them from a judgmental perspective once. Please regard them as people with feelings instead of a group released from the SM warehouse. Super Junior isn’t a happy group with happy and biggest smiles that you saw in the programmes. Instead, hiding in their smiles, they’re tearful for fear that they would involve their fans to get scolding. Acting very happy all the time, Super Junior is tearful. It doesn’t matter that ELFs got scolding. Merely … able to consider … oh, they’re sentimental. That’s enough. Super Junior & ELF, fighting!

“We love you … Thank you … Together forever”

Never treat Super Junior as entertainment. They are our family, our beloved one.

[cr: What you see isn't true...Super Junior isn't always a happy group via: Youtube]

As Leeteuk, I’m also sad if there were negative comments about Super Junior. I can’t do anything for Super Junior except voting them online to get them winning every singles awards that they nominated. Their sorrow history made them strong today. I will always being an ELF for more than 50 years. I am proud to say that I am an ELF. I will die as an ELF. Super Junior and ELF will be together forever. That’s the truth. I’m the fool who love the fools --> SUPER JUNIOR. 

I love them and I can't stop it