Monday, December 24, 2012

[FANFICS] My Love is My Best Friend

“Jiyeon!” hailed Myungsoo suddenly from her back. Jiyeon almost hurled her pen from her grip.

“Yah! Did you want me to die?” asked Jiyeon angrily. She used her pen to buffet Myungsoo as the punishment. Myungsoo’s hand turned red from Jiyeon’s counterattack.

“Yah! It’s hurting me. Please don’t be so harsh like boy!” it was Myungsoo turn to enrage Jiyeon. Jiyeon pushed out one’s lips.

“Yah! Do you think you are so beautiful with that face? Like an ugly duck,” Myungsoo insinuated Jiyeon. Again, Jiyeon gave her counterattack buffet to Myungsoo. That was for his punishment for condemned her.

“Okay, full stop! Mianhae! You are so harsh. By the way, I want to ask a question to you,” said Myungsoo. Jiyeon creased her forehead.

“What is it? Just ask me okay? You don’t have to do the introduction,” said Jiyeon and Myungsoo carved a small smile.

“It’s that true that you are in love with Joon?” asked Myungsoo. He really wanted to know that. What kind of question that? It seems like jealous. No way Myungsoo is jealous with me? Slowly, Jiyeon nodded and Myungsoo made a long sigh.

“Why did you ask like that?” asked Jiyeon.

“Nothing,” said Myungsoo while shook his head. He tried to hide something and Jiyeon could smell it but she just kept it silent since Myungsoo did not want to tell it.




Since that day, Myungsoo and Jiyeon’s relationship a little bit estranged. Myungsoo did not act like before. The new Myungsoo did not tease Jiyeon like before even though Jiyeon always mad at him. The new Myungsoo liked to dodge from met her. Even if the accidentally met, Myungsoo just pretended that he did know Jiyeon.

“Yah! Since when you and Myungsoo clash?” asked Sohee, Jiyeon’s best friend. Sohee also noticed the changing between those two best buddies.

“Since when did I have affair with that Myungsoo?” Jiyeon asked Sohee back. She tried to deny the fiction that created by her friend.

“Oh, really? Then, why I looked both of you did not greet as usual? He never condemns you after you in love with Joon?” asked Sohee weird. Jiyeon also noticed it but she never though that the others will notice it too.

“Or maybe I think Myungsoo is jealous because you couple with Joon?” Sohee created her owns though. Immediately Jiyeon shook her head.

“Don’t be so silly!”

“What? Relax okay? I just guess it. Don’t be so emotional,” said Sohee.




“Hey, guys! Do you want to hear a very hot story?” Bora started to call her friends to listen her new gossip. All eyes now focused on Bora.

“I heard that Myungsoo is couple with a junior called Hyuna,” said Bora. The news about Myungsoo made Jiyeon open her ears widely. That news made Jiyeon really shocked.

“Really? Where did you hear it?” asked Jiyoung as she felt doubt about the gossip.

“I heard it from Hyuna herself. She told me that. You all knew that she is my cousin, right?” said Bora. The other nodded their head as they agreed with what Bora’s said.

Jiyeon thought about it many times. It that the reason why he stay apart from me? Is he afraid that her new girlfriend will be upset if she saw our relationship? There were many thought in her mind about that. She could not stop thinking about that.




“Hey, Myungsoo! Can we talk awhile?” Jiyeon greeted him with a bright smile. Myungsoo stopped his revision and fully focussed on Jiyeon. No smile on his face. Just a serious face he showed to Jiyeon.

“Is that true you are couple with Hyuna?” said Jiyeon straight forward. Myungsoo did not answer it. He stared at Jiyeon and made Jiyeon feel uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong with it if yes?” asked Myungsoo. He tried to riddle Jiyeon. Jiyeon shut her mouth. She did not know how to answer it. Myungsoo deeply stared at her like a starving tiger. Jiyeon shook her head suddenly.

“Err... I’m just asking. Err... I think, I should go now,” said Jiyeon with a stammer before she left. Myungsoo followed her from his eyeballs. He sighed heavily as Jiyeon disappeared from his sight.

“The thing is, I don’t even know who Hyuna is,” said Myungsoo slowly. He sighed again.




~ A week before ~

“Why do you want to see me?” asked Myungsoo harshly. He really did not like that Joon. Joon always made troubles in this school.

“I just want to remind you that you need to stay away from my girl,” said Joon. His girl? Who is his girl anyway?

“Who’s your girl?” asked Myungsoo. He felt so annoying when Joon accused him without proof.

“Who else if not your best buddy, Jiyeon?” said Joon. Myungsoo felt like a big stone fall on his heart. He barely felt hard to breathe when he heard that news. Since when did they couple? Myungsoo quickly run to find Jiyeon. He needed to confirm it by himself. He needed to ask Jiyeon about this.




“I think that annoying Hyuna should be in our blacklist,” said Sungyeol slowly. Sunggyu and Sungjong who heard that idea also nodded agree.

“Yah! That’s right! Her mouth is really like to create troubles. Why is she thinking to create story that she is out handsome Myungsoo’s girlfriend?” said Sunggyu.

“So, three of you said that Hyuna just making up the story? Isn’t it?” Sunggyu, Sungyeol and Sungjong shocked with sudden appearing from Jiyeon. Three of them locked their mouth.

“Yah! Do you have mouth? Why are you shut your mouth?” Jiyeon started to raise her voice.

“Actually, Myungsoo did not couple with Hyuna or any other girls. He only likes you,” Sungjong mumbled. Sunggyu and Sungyeol elbowed him for his words. Jiyeon created lines on her forehead.

“What are you saying?” asked Jiyeon.

“He really likes you since middle school. But when he heard that you couple with Joon, he frustrated and Joon met him to ell that he should stay away from you,” Sungyeol said. Jiyeon felt want to blackout after heard that.

“It’s that true?” three of them nodded immediately.

“It’s true. Why we should lie to you? There’s no reason for us to lie to you. No benefits at all,” said Sunggyu.




“Oppa, you are so bad!” Hyuna hit Joon’s arm slowly.

“What? You liked it isn’t it?” Joon gave a deep stare. Jiyeon slowly came near to the near not-so-sweet couple.

“Wow! But I don’t like the EVIL guy. It’s so annoying,” greet Jiyeon cynically. Joon and Hyuna shocked. Joon clenched his teeth. The three Sung laughed when see the hideous face of Joon and Hyuna. Really hideous!

“Err… Jiyeon? What are you doing here?” asked Joon trembling. He tried to cover his line. Jiyeon gave a cynical smile.

“I’m ploughing the paddy-field. Don’t you see it?” said Jiyeon insinuated. Those three Sung laughed in an extremely hilarious state. Joon’s face now turned to blue.

“Hahah... You are so funny, Jiyeon,” Joon awkwardly laughed. Hyuna, beside him just gave a small fake smile.

“I am. Oh, by the way, from this second I don’t want to have any kind of relationship with you. Let’s just pretend that we do not know each other. That’s the better way. And keep continued with your not so sweet drama. Loathsome! So girlish!” said Jiyeon. Sunggyu, Sungyeol and Sungjong laughed at them until the tears came out. It’s so funny.

“Shut up, bothersome! Jiyeon, I’m so sorry! It’s not like what are you see and think,” Joon tried to persuade Jiyeon back.

“Who are you? I don’t know you, strangers! I think you got a wrong person!” Jiyeon gave a sharp and evil stare to Joon. Slowly, Joon let Jiyeon’s hand go with a big and large eyeballs looked at Jiyeon with unsatisfied face. And again, the three Sung burst into laugh.

“Yah! I think my stomach is going to burst watching this free drama. This is better than any other Korean drama,” said Sungjong as he represented the Korean drama’s fan.

“I’m absolutely agreed with you,” said Sungyeol.




“It’s really fun! Did you see their faces? Their shock faces were so ugly when Jiyeon insinuated them. Hahah!” said Sungyeol. He still could not stop laughing for what happened before.

“That’s right! He really deserves it. And now he know who is he messy with,” Sunggyu also agreed with Sungyeol. 

“Did you guys talk about Jiyeon?” asked Myungsoo suddenly. At first, the three Sung shocked but then Sungjong said.

“You better find Jiyeon because she really needs you now.” Myungsoo still did blur about what happened.

“What are you talking about?” asked Myungsoo.

“Yah! Just find your girlfriend. She really needs you now!” Sunggyu repeated it. Myungsoo nodded and immediately left his three friends behind.




“Jiyeon, are you okay?” asked Myungsoo. Myungsoo took a deep breath. He still tired after 20 minutes searched for Jiyeon unstop. Myungsoo lay down on the grass while watched the sky blue with a little white cotton candy of clouds.

Jiyeon lay down her head on Myungsoo chest. She could hear Myungsoo’s heartbeat. It beats so fast like a running man. Jiyeon smiled while wiped out her tears. Meanwhile, Myungsoo felt like he wanted to faint. He very sure that Jiyeon could hear his fast heartbeat. He also could not say any words. His mouth is locked.

“A… are… you okay?” asked Myungsoo with a stammer. Jiyeon laughed very loud and made Myungsoo felt weird. Now, Jiyeon sat beside him. Myungsoo also woke from his lean.

“Why are you laughing at me? Am I so funny or what?” Myungsoo started to scold Jiyeon. But still Jiyeon laughed at him. Myungsoo gave her an evil stare. Slowly, Jiyeon stopped her laugh.

“Sorry! You are so funny!” said Jiyeon but Myungsoo did not understand it. Which parts is he looking so funny?

“Where do I look so funny?” asked Myungsoo. His anger still did not lessen. He rinsed his eyebrows.

“Now?” Jiyeon tried to control her laugh but she could not do it. Myungsoo was too funny for her. But then, Myungsoo also smiled when he looked Jiyeon’s happy face. He so gladded that Jiyeon did not look like a frustration lady.

“So, you are not telling me the truth?” asked Jiyeon as soon as she stopped her laugh. Myungsoo did not understand it. What is she mean with?

“What are you talking about?” asked Myungsoo. Jiyeon released a sigh before she continued.

“About you feeling towards me since middle school?” said Jiyeon in questioning tone. His mouth locked from saying anything. He really shocked when he heard it. This must be the three Sung who are broke the secret. Who else knew about this secret? In my Myungsoo’s heart, he abused his three noisy friends.

“Are you mute?” asked Jiyeon since Myungsoo decided to keep silent.

“Jiyeon, actually….” said Myungsoo before he stopped. Jiyeon still waited for him.

“Actually ...“Myungsoo still could not say that precious words.

“Actually what, Kim Myungsoo? I’m waiting for you here,” said Jiyeon since she could not wait it anymore. Or maybe she pretended to be so. Myungsoo could feel his heartbeat. It beat like crazy so fast!

Myungsoo grabbed Jiyeon’s hand and dragged her to be closed with him. Then, their lips met each other. Jiyeon really shocked with the sudden action made by Myungsoo. But then, she closed her eyes to feel it. They kissed for a long period before stopped it. The orange sunray that hit on Myungsoo’s face could not hide his red cheeks.

Myungsoo turned his head away from Jiyeon. He was so shy with his unpredictable action. He also shocked with his sudden action. It was already one minute since the kiss and they still decided to keep that atmosphere silence.

“I love you,” said Myungsoo while watched the sunset. Myungsoo lay down on the field and Jiyeon also took her head on the Myungsoo’s chest. They watched the sky that slowly turned into dark. There were stars in the sky that made the night sky more beautiful.




--- End---