Monday, December 3, 2012


2012 MNET ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS live from HONG KONG with slogan “Music Make One”. G-DRAGON sang MAMA 2012 for the opening. First award, BEST NEW FEMALE ARTIST went to AILEE. Congrats to her! Then, SIMON YAM gave award for BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE SOLO to PSY for GANGNAM STYLE. Then, there were performances from GAIN, SISTAR and TROUBLEMAKER. The BEST MALE GROUP went to BIG BANG. I thought SUPER JUNIOR will win it. Then, BEST FEMALE GROUP was made for SISTAR. JUNG IL WOO presented the BEST ASIAN ARTIST to WANG LEE HOM. WANG LEE HOM made a performance with white piano for NI BU ZHI DAO DA SHI. It’s so touched my heart. Then from ballad, he turned the stage into rock by the song MEI with a unique silver dragon guitar. Then, BEST COLLABORATION PERFORMANCE went to TROUBLEMAKER. BAP who are all in white received MNET PD’S CHOICE. With the theme of HATE MENTAL HOSPITAL, LEE HI sang IT’S COLD along with the rap from EPIK HIGH. Then EPIK HIGH made an appearance with bad person’s face (like Joker). Besides that, BEST ASIAN ARTIST for JAPAN owned by AKB48. Then, there was a performance with theme “THE MEMORIAL OF JYP”. JYP appeared in a coffin with his name on it and the coffin was closed slowly. But then, the coffin is opened suddenly and JANG WOO YOUNG walked out from the coffin with white suite and sang SEXY LADY. Then, he sang DJ GOT ME GOING CRAZY. After finished sang that song, he ran to the back stage and JYP appeared on the screen while took out the mask like he was the one who sang the SEEXY LADY. Then, JYP appeared on the stage while sitting on a chair. Before he sang YOU’RE THE ONE, he said “Looking for a girl tonight . . in Hong Kong”. On the middle of song, he changed from coat into a vest in front of the audiences. He showed his muscle body and made the audience screamed like hysteria. YOU’RE THE ONE from ballad turned into dance song. I can’t deny that he looked so young and sexy! Next, JYP and WOO YOUNG made a dance battle for GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT and SEXY LADY. It’s so style! Next award was BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE for MALE GROUP and SHINEE got it. I could not believe it! You knew, SUPER JUNIOR and SHINEE were there and can’t think which one could win it and I always hope that SUPER JUNIOR win it. But, it’s okay. At least SM got it. And BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE for FEMALE went to F(X). Again, SMTOWN got it. But, AMBER looked so man and she thanks the fans in English while VICTORIA said in Chinese. The next performance was ROY KIM, the WINNER of SUPER STAR K3 with the theme MY WAY. Later, the award of BEST VOCAL PERFORMANCE SOLO won KWILL. KWILL looked so handsome. While BEST VOCAL PERFORMANCE GROUP went to DAVINCHI. I thought 2AM will win it. Then Krystal showed up and introduced ADAM LAMBERT after said thanks for BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE for FEMALE GROUP that she received earlier. ADAM LAMBERT appeared with song WHATAYA WANT FROM ME. AMBER and HYORIN seem enjoyed the performance very much. Then ADAM LAMBERT sang TRESPASSING and everyone enjoyed with his performance. Next award is won by PSY for INTERNATIONAL FAVOURITE AWARD. I’m ashamed to say this but he deserved the award. Then, BEST OST went to SEO IN GUK and EUNJI of APINK for REPLAY 1997 (HOYA acted on this drama). Next performance made me insane. EXO showed up with their MAMA. EXOK wore in red while EXOM in black colour. Then, they presented the MIROTIC that sang by DBSK. Next, both EXO and SHINEE sang and danced along with the song LUCIFER. Then, SHINEE sang SHERLOCK. I could not say any words other than WOW! My jaws dropped when watched their performance. I could not able to miss this performance and it kept playing on my mind. After their performance, the screen showed the BEST ASIAN ARTIST for SINGAPORE went for TAUFIQ BATISTA and BEST ASIAN ARTIST for INDONESIA went for AGNES MONICA. Then, it’s the time for me to stay stick on the screen. With the theme “SUPER JUNIOR NEVER DIED”, four of the members went down to the stage by rope while SHINDONG came out with a motorbike. And it’s WOW me. After SUPER JUNIOR finished their SPY, the light went off and appeared eight dancers that danced MR. SIMPLE. Again, it WOW me! I thought that I was watching the SUPER SHOW with the sapphire blue ocean appeared when the atmosphere turned to dark. It made my hair stood up straight. After that, SUPER JUNIOR appeared again and now with their song, SEXY, FREE & SINGLE. I watched it while I sang and danced with them. SUPER JUNIOR is my love! After that, PSY won the BEST MUSIC VIDEO with over millions of people watched his GANGNAM STYLE. VICTORIA came out on stage to give TVB’S CHOICE for JOEY YONG. Then, the BEST ASIAN ARTIST for CHINA, LI YUCHUN made a performance of HELLO BABY. Then, YOON SIYOON and PARK SHIN HYE represented the NEW ASIAN ARTIST GROUP for EXO. SUHO, the GUARDIAN of EXO gave his thanks for everyone and he made me remembered SIWON. Now, I understand why people called him THE SECOND CHOI SIWON. He really looked alike SIWON. Then, KRIS also thanks the fans in Chinese. Then, NATTHEW who won the BEST ASIAN ARTIST for THAILAND made a performance with SHE’S BAD and TIMEZ, the BEST ASIAN ARTIST for CHINA sang IDOL HORREY. TIMEZ made me remember at BOYFRIEND. They are so cute. Then, GAIN won for STYLE IN MUSIC while BIG BANG won GUARDIAN ANGEL WORLDWIDE PERFORMER but EPIK HIGH took it for them. ZICO, DOUBLE K, DYNAMIC DUO, GAEKO and DAVINCHI sang along in one stage for their theme “BEATS ROCK THE WORLD”. Then, BEST RAP PERFORMACE went for EPIK HIGH and G-DRAGON won for BEST MALE ARTIST for his CRAYON. In the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR won 2012 MAMA LIVE AWARD and I want to scream! KYUHYUN and EUNHYUK gave speech in Korean, SUNGMIN in Japanese, YESUNG in English, KYUHYUN in France and RYEOWOOK in Chinese. But YESUNG just said “Yo yo”. But still, I wish LEETEUK was there either. Then, it’s BIG BANG stage! With the theme “MONSTER IN ME”, they sang CRAYON who was originally sang by G-DRAGON. It looked so scary but by the way, TOP looked so handsome. And WHY SO SERIOUS? Then, they sang FANTASTIC BABY and “SAY WHAT? FANTASTIC BABY!” and still TOP caught in my eyes. Then, there was a short video. It was EUNHAE and they said PSY will come with horse which made me remember at SIWON and there were 200 or them. Haha. Before this, EUNHAE and SUNGMIN appeared and said that they will come down from helicopter by ropes and there will be submarine. What an insane? Then, B.O.B in the Hong Kong! Firstly, SEO IN YOUNG sang ANYMORE and later, she duet with B.O.B with AIRPLANE. Then, B.O.B collaborated with KWILL with the song NOTHIN’ ON YOU. By the way, B.O.B will be in MALAYSIA soon. Then, KARA won the BEST GLOBAL FEMALE GROUP and BEST GLOBAL MALE GROUP award went for SUPER JUNIOR. Then, SONG JOONG KI introduced PSY for his GANGNAM STYLE. PSY appeared with his slogan, “DRESS CLASSY, DANCE CHEESY”.KEY and TAEYANG danced along together while HYUNA on the stage with PSY. The audiences sang along with PSY and G-DRAGON could not stop his body from moving along with the song. SISTAR also did it. JACKIE CHAN appeared to give ARTIST OF THE YEAR and BIG BANG won it. Poor my SUPER JUNIOR, they did not win it and G-DRAGON still did not stop from dancing GANGNAM STYLE. The next grand award won by SUPER JUNIOR for ALBUM OF THE YEAR for their SEXY, FREE & SINGLE. I think SUNGMIN will burst into tears. YESUNG lead the way to receive the award. It will be the final award and it was SONG OF THE YEAR. G-DRAGON did not stop his GANGNAM STYLE. And the award won by PSY for his GANGNAM STYLE. BIG BANG danced GANGNAM STYLE to escort PSY under the stage. So, it’s the end of MAMA 2012. By the way, I’m so happy to see SUPER JUNIOR on the stage even LEETEUK and SIWON were not there. When, SUPER JUNIOR got caught in camera, the ELF screamed like hysteria. While KANGIN knew his face on the camera, he will immediately turn to the camera and made a piece without smile on his face. He so cute! SUPER JUNIOR never fail make me smile! J J

List of Winners : : :

Best New Female Artist: Ailee

Best Solo Dance Performance: Psy

Best Female Group: SISTAR

Best Male Group: BIG BANG

Best Collaboration: Trouble Maker

Mnet PD Award: B.A.P

Best Group Performance - MALE : SHINee

Best Group Performance - FEMALE : f(x)

Best Vocal Performance - Solo: K.Will

Best Vocal Performance - Group: Davichi

International Favorite Artist Award: PSY

Best OST: Seo In Guk & Jung Eun Ji - Reply 1997

Best Band Performance: Busker Busker

Best New Male Artist: Busker Busker

Best Music Video: Psy - Gangnam Style

TVB′s Choice Award: Joey Yung

Best New Asian Artist: EXO

Style in Music Award: Gain

Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer Award Big Bang

Best Rap Performance: Epik High

Best Male Artist: G-Dragon

Best Female Artist: IU

Best Global Group - Male: Super Junior

Best Global Group - Female: Kara

Best Line Award: Super Junior

Artist of the Year Big Bang

Album of the Year: Super Junior’s Sexy, Free & Single

Song of the Year: Psy’s Gangnam Style

Best Asian Artist Award:

Wang Lee Hom
ABK48 (Japan)
Sarah Geronimo (Philippines)
My Tam (Vietnam)
Taufik Batisah (Singapore)
Agnes (Indonesia)
Chris Lee (China)

Yesung and Eunhyuk “Album of the Year” Acceptance Speech

Yesung: Thank you. We’re very thankful today, having been awarded 3 precious awards. And thank you everyone for giving us such a huge award. It would have been good if they were here with us at this great spot, but Siwon, Heechul and Teuk hyung who can’t be here with us, it’s really a pity. They will protect us well. Thank you very much to Super Junior staff who have worked very hard for Super Junior for this period of time. From now onwards too we will continue to need your care and help. It is ELF who has enabled Super Junior to be able to do activities like this, thank you very much. And also the members who have protected us well especially when it was the toughest, thank you so much. Let’s be together and continue doing this forever. Thank you.

Hyuk: It seems like the year 2012 was a shining year for Kpop. The artistes of Korea have all worked hard. Us Super Junior too will work hard and will work hard so that we will also be able to receive this award next year. I definitely will send this award to Teuk hyung who has always been together with us at this spot. Thank you our ELF from all over the world from the bottom of my heart. I love you. We are Super Juni~or! Thank you!
Source : K-Idols, MAMA 2012 official website & E News