Monday, December 31, 2012

101 things that is special in my 2012...

101 things that is special in my 2012...

1.       Super Junior. Love them even 100 years past. :D

2.       @siwon407 – my love towards him gets strong from time to time. <3

3.       @special1004 – his enlistment made me want to cry. I miss him so much. The best leader of Super Junior!

4.       Super Junior’s 7th Anniversary Party! – More things they said about Leeteuk’s enlistment.

5.       2012 MNET Asian Music Awards – Super Junior won Album of the Year! And also the other two awards. I’m so sad because SiWon, Teuk and HeeChul were not there but it’s really cool! Also, there were EXO and SHINee! I was like OMG! It’s really great.

6.       Sesame Player – maybe for you it’s kind of old but for me, it’s a new one with amazing laughter! I’m done watching Infinite Sesame Player and on my way to finish MBLAQ Sesame Player. Next is will be B1A4 Sesame Player. Thanks to Sesame Player, I can recognise Infinite and MBLAQ’s members very well.

7.       Infinite – it’s all because my close friend love Myungsoo the L. she’s the one who introduce Infinite to me and made me fall in love with them. At first, I thought maybe they are not as famous as only Myungsoo the most handsome one in the group. Now, I changed my mind.

8.       MBLAQ – I’m currently watching MBLAQ Sesame Player so, I laughed with them until my stomach want to burst out! It’s really funny when watching the stupid Lee Joon. Hahah. I think I recognise them perfectly.

9.       EXO – hoho. I don’t even remember how can I met with EXO in internet but I’m so glad to know them. They are so cool! 12 handsome guys on my mind!

10.   Luhan – he is not my first love in EXO but he is so damn cute. No one can deny it.

11.   Kai – the dancing machine of EXO. He is my first love. I made myself knew him by their song, MAMA the Korean version. He is so handsome!

12.   Suho – argh! When I read some facts about EXO, I saw the word ‘SIWON’. And it’s SUHO who known as the second CHOI SIWON. At first I don’t agree with it but then I’m super agreeing with that! They look so like brothers. I thought “What is Siwon’s first impression about Suho?”

13.   Fanfics – I made a lot of Fanfics and it’s all in Malay for sure. But then, I also read some Fanfics made by my friends and also in Asian Fanfics. The best story that I ever read from Asian Fanfics are “Teaching the Cold-Hearted Luhan to fall in Love” and “Behind Locked Doors”.

14.   8TV Nite Live – one of my favourite TV show that I can’t miss. Until this December, Super Junior’s SPY still in the chart for a really long time. It’s really shocking. Not just for the Kpop chart, it’s also gave some information about Kpop and I really like when Baki be the MC for that night.

15.   Kim Sunggyu – his solo debut song touched my heart. At first, it because Myungsoo was staring in his MV but then it changed because the song is really good. That’s why that song in top 10 of music charts.

16.   Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez – this couple always in newspaper, magazines and internet. And I don’t care what happen to them.

17.   Haylor – the combination of Harry Style and Taylor Swift. Haylor is true! And Haylor also be the trend in Twitter for more than one day. It’s crazy. Maybe it’s also more than one week.

18.   X-Factor USA – LA Reid, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell as the judges. And Tate Stevens as the winner. I thought Carly Rose will win it.

19.   One Direction – fall in love with five of them because the song of What Makes You Beautiful. They are really handsome (for West zone only).

20.   Homework – the word that I hate the most. Who is inventing that “HOMEWORK” word?

21.   MRSM PDRM – the college that change my life but not 100%. From this college, I made myself finishing all my homework.

22.   Prep – hate when I need to go to college for prep. I wish I just stay at the hostel and sleep all day long.

23.   After – the most frequent word that I heard in this year. “After shower”, “After homework” and “After iron”.

24.   SHINee – with their song SHERLOCK, I’m more in love with these five guys.

25.   Cik Nah – this is not the name of a celebrity. This is the name of a woman who made a Nasi Lemak with a great taste. Everyone in MRSM PDRM loves her nasi lemak.

26.   Bang Ber – I don’t know what is so special with this guy, but he really needed in MRSM PDRM for sure.

27.   Cik Wan – those who want to eat a delicious dinner should call Cik Wan but it’s unavailable during Saturday and Sunday (maybe).

28.   Unit 7 – the perfect combination in Unit 7. Sometime we are so silent like nobody in the Unit but sometime we are so damn noisy. Hahah.

29.   Tisya – she is one of my close friend and her also my classmate, my tablemate and also my homeroom. So that’s why we are close.

30.   Ikin – quite crazy when friends with her. She is an anime maniac. Everyone knew it.

31.   Anime & Manga – before this I just watch anime and read manga because it is a finest art that I ever seen. But then, I met with manga maniac and anime maniac so I get to know a lot of manga and anime. It’s crazy.

32.   Samsung Galaxy – I wish I have one of the Galaxies especially the Samsung Galaxy Camera. It’s really cool.

33.   Golden Disk Awards – it will hold on 15th and 16th January of 2013 at Sepang International Circuit. And I want to cry because of course I will not be there and the most worst is I’m stuck in MRSM PDRM. Damn!

34.   Asian Super Showcase in Malaysia – EXOM, SJM and BTOB were attended the showcase. I really want to laugh when I read I Tweet, “Finally, I take the same oxygen with EXO”. It’s the first time for EXOM came to Malaysia, right? I hope the other EXOK will soon come to Malaysia next time.

35.   Dream Team 2 – ahh! The new ace Taeho really can beat Ricky’s spot. But I still on the Ricky side. And poor to Seongjo because he always be the second.

36.   Happy Together 3 – watch it if you want to know what is the best recipes for late night snack, better you watch it.

37.   SPM 2013 – keep hearing the words. It’s the scariest words in my world. It will come really soon.

38.   Kim Jong Kook – the commander. Really suit with him.

39.   B1A4 – I watched Dream Team and there were B1A4’s Baro, Sandeul and Jinyoung. And I also watched Immortal Song 2 which is Sandeul, CNU and Baro were in. and made myself recognise them really well.

40.   PSY – he is the world phenomenon and I can’t deny it. But still I don’t like the Gangnam Style song. I read something couples of days before and there was a philosophy that said “when a horse dancing reaches the nine zero, the world will be end” and why don’t you all don’t watch the MV so, the world do not end? Simple, right?

41.   Vampires – Twilight, My Vampire Diaries and My Babysitter is A Vampire.

42.   Books – trust me, until I’m dead, I will always love books. I could even sleep at the bookstore for looking a great book. Reading is always being my hobby.

43.   @AllRiseSilver – “Because the next leader is me. I’m in my preparation for this

44.   Carly Rea Jepsen – “Here’s my number. So call me maybe

45.   Falling Star – my favourite song of 2012. “Only sadness is getting deeper, only darkness is getting darker

46.   Sexy, Free & Single – first MV that KangIn involved after came back from the army.

47.   SPY – my favourite MV and the last MV for LeeTeuk before he entered the army

48.   Zarqali – it’s my class. “Gusty Crab Grab For Victory”, “Gila Gempak Zarqali

49.   Nasi Lemak – the most frequent breakfast that I have in this 2012. I’m sick with that nasi lemak!

50.   Chicken – I’m always waiting for DS aunties to cook meals that related to chicken. Also don’t forget the sambal belacan. Yummy~

51.   Sherlock – SHINee’s favourite song and MV. It’s cool!

52.   Kevin – it’s Kevin from U-Kiss. I’m so happy to see him in My Strongest Kpop Survival. He is so damn cute.

53.   Chunji – he is Kevin’s rival. He is cute and I can’t forget him!

54.   TOP – he looked very handsome in Fantastic Baby and Monster. His voice is so cool.

55.   Hello! My Lady – Korean drama that I currently watch it.

56.   KiBum – I’m still waiting for him to come back to Super Junior. I really want to him in Super Junior again.

57.   Physics – I can’t say that I hate this subject, but why I still can’t get A for this subject? Why? I’m so frustrated.

58.   HeeChul – miss him? Of course. The diva that I never fail to make me smile.

59.   Zelo – magnae of BAP and he is younger eight month from me. 96-line is rock!

60.   @donghae861015 – this year I cry because of his father’s sad story even it is kind of old story.

61.   Cinderella’s Stepsister – I watch again this sad drama. Meanwhile remember the parody made by 2PM and sing Yesung’s song.

62.   ELF – I’m proud to call myself as Ever Lasting Friends, the world biggest fan club.

63.   Boys in The City 4: Paris – I want to cry because the photo book already sold. And I don’t have it! Sobs~

64.   Marry U – another old song from Super Junior that I love recently. “Will you marry me?

65.   Doomsday – 21st December 2012 was not an April fool day but I want to laugh. Before this, I bought a book about the Mayan and also told about the doomsday. It’s not happening! Believe~ no one know when the doomsday occurred.

66.   Aliya – Indonesia sinetron that I watch now because of Irwansyah. :P

67.   Mr Simple – a year past already but I still love this song. They got HeeChul in this MV.

68.   Sungyeol – he is genius and playful. I like him the most in Infinite.

69.   Seungho – I can recognise him very well and the Yang Leader is really funny and childish.

70.   Felda – this year Eid, I spent most of my one week holiday by visited the relatives’ houses in Johor and most of it is in Felda. And thanks for the Eid convoy; I made myself to know a lot of weird Felda’s name. e.g.: Felda Ulu Dengar and lots more.

71.   Boring – the word that express my feeling right now and all of my days during this holiday. This is so damn boring.

72.   Rain – not Bi Rain who is currently in the army but the rain that fall. I want to play under the rain again but the others maybe think that I’m crazy.

73.   Hyunbin – He’s back from the army. Hoho! Congrats to him! We will soon see him on the TV.

74.   Baya – we back to be friends like before. That’s why I so happy.

75.   IU – know about the scandal between EunHyuk and IU right? Every ELF knew that EunHyuk is a fan boy of IU. But what if they are couple? “Super Junior already have freedom to date

76.   Sukira – Super Junior Kiss the Radio is now handle by RyeoWook and SungMin. It’s sad because LeeTeuk and EunHyuk had to give the position to the cute couple.

77.   Gaza & Palestine – they need helps from the world so they can live peacefully like Malaysia. Hope people will keep continue helping these two country.

78.   Honggi – his new hair style made me fall in love with him more. He is so cute with his new hair style.

79.   I Wish – the newest FT Island song that I really love. I’m trying to memorise the lyric. “Oh naye sarang

80.   Ice cream – love ice cream. One day, I buy five ice creams (but not at once) during my body had a high temperature (maybe fever). But I’m fine then. No fever at all.

81.   Black Forest – Cadbury Black Forest is the most that I love. I miss my black forest now.

82.   B.O.B – he appeared in 2012 MAMA and also came to Malaysia few weeks ago. He quite famous now in Asia.

83.   2012 SHOUT! Awards – held at Sunway Lagoon and VIXX and NU’EST were there either. It’s a great awards festival.

84.   M Count Down – watch it on Saturday at 12 am something. Honggi was the MC and last week was the show during the second week of November.

85.   Outing – next year outing, we will wear t-shirt! Hoho! Love it.

86.   Kpop – there were a lot of showcases were held in Malaysia. I’m proud of it.

87.   World Super Show 4 – kind of sad because it was not held in Malaysia. Hope the next Super Show will the turn for Malaysian ELF to see Super Junior’s faces.

88.   Add Math – my Add Math’s score is higher than my Math Mode’s score. [fact]

89.   We Got Married – LeeTeuk and Kang Sora couple. The Dimple Couple but I did not watch it. I’m kind of did not like Kang Sora. But I will watch it soon (maybe). By that, maybe my opinion about Kang Sora will change.

90.   Kwanghee – ZE: A’s Kwanghee made me like him. He’s so noisy but quite. Joonie can imitate him so perfect.

91.   Honeymoon year – teachers always said that we, the 96-line always though that Form 4 is the honeymoon year. But for me, it’s not. For us also. It’s the year where we should make a serious thought about our carrier.

92.   Big Bang – one of the famous groups in 2012. Win the Artist of the Year at 2012 MAMA.

93.   I AM. – SM TOWN movie. SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden. I want to watch it!

94.   Olympic in London – Chongwei did not win the gold medal. :D

95.   AFF Suzuki Cup – Malaysia fail to make to final. The Harimau Malaya was step by the Changsuk (white elephant).

96.   Farizal Marlias – Malaysian goalkeeper besides KFCM.

97.   KFCM – Khairul Fahmi Che Mat will be married soon.

98.   Haha & Byul – congrats for their wedding. I never thought that they will be wed.

99.   PM – Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak is the most famous name in Malaysia. (For me only). There were a lot of new things that he made for Malaysia.

100.                        121212 – Nothing special for me.

101.                        Final one is 2013 will be coming soon. I really afraid to step on this historical year. SPM 2013! OMG! Last year for me in the high school.