Saturday, June 14, 2014

Life as a travelor

i dont know what to write but my heart keep telling me write something since it been for ages i didnt write anything either using the keyboard or using my precious hand.

being too far away from family .... at first , i have no feeling and just go with it. and of course , excited. the first time ever flying in the sky and stepped on the sabah. but then , it's getting hard. now, there will be no makcik DS who prepared the food from subuh until night. there will be no dobi for twice a week. it hard to adjust first but slowly ... slowly .. it takes times .. btw

before that , congrats to ELF!! huhuuhuuu... it has been 8 years already. #Happy8thAnniversaryELF (late enough , yeah! i know) ... there is something i realize. ELF is a spoilt brat. SUPER JUNIOR spoilt ELF too much. but i love it .. hehe .. that's means SUPER JUNIOR appreciate ELF soo muchh... there's win win situation here. i hope this kind of relationship will last long , long enough to make me to tell my grandchildren that i adore them until forever.

i miss my friends.. so muchhh... entah laa.. there's empty space yang belum dapat diisi oleh manusia kat sini. having fun is yes but to make a kind of strong relationship like before is a no. especially si nabieyl tuh. yang tak dapat dihubungi .. sobs sobs .. where are you? there will be no human in the world that can replace somebody like nabieyl or tisya , or nalina or azza . but at least i want to find somebody who willingly be my friend and accept who i am.

for the God sake , i think pegi ke US is much more better since they use english thought they use different english than us. but when you came here , not more or less i have difficulties to understand them. but luckily they tries their best to explain what was that means. in the positive way, i can learn new languages. bahasa dusun laa , sarawak laa , kelantan laa .. etc ...

i think that's all .. i'm lazy to type now ..
pasal memori sekolah , i will try my best to continue. haishhh.....