Tuesday, January 7, 2014

sad news

Leeteuk oppa please stay strong and show us your most beautiful smile. We, ELF will always support you. Don't worry. Just stay healthy and strong.

Since before debut you went through a lot of things, until you joined SUPER JUNIOR. Then, you entered army and now you lost your beloved family. All of things happened for reason. And I am sure there are happiness at the end of road that is waiting for you. Thoght I'm far from you, I will always pray for your happiness and health. I'll also pray for your family. Remember, we are family. We'll support each otherand went throght all the hardness together.

Park Jungsoo protect the country, we protect Park Jungsoo


I cried ao much. It have been long time since I cried about Super Junior. My heart ... it soo hurt. My beloved man is in sadness...