Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[LYRICS] Super Junior - Way (Eng Trans)

[English Translation]

Travelers rise up to move forward as many times
Even in distress mornings or windy nights
Flowers are blooming everywhere
Despite the extreme sunlight or soil with no water
You should not live a life that is full of of sadness and regrets
You should know that
We have our own path
Our own birthplace
Even scenery to look out for
But one day we would be together in a place
You are not alone
Let’s move forward and look for something that is worth living for
Now, overcome the days were you were at lost
It’s enough to be bothered by the past
Although there is no confirmation
I'm sure oneday we will get our chance
If there are things you cannot leave behind
Like farewells or unforgettable dreams
Just take them with you
Even if we part ways with our own dreams
All of it will be the pieces of the puzzle called ‘life’
When the time comes that you are confused and hesitated to move forward
I want you to remember the song of the travelers
Although we are far away from each other
We are still looking up at the same sky
Even in such common ways
All of these things are our treasure
I am proud that we have our own perspective and own identity
Even if we part ways with our own dreams
With all of this, little by little we move forward in attaining our goals in life

It's a japanese song from opera.
I was thinking, is this song was dedicated to Hangeng. Although we are far away from eachother but we still look at the same sky