Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[FANFIC] #SuperJuniorMSwing

The story was about a group of office boys who work in a famous office. The story started ...

Zhoumi was really angry since his vacation request was not approved by his boss. He messaged his gilfriends to tell them the bad news while on his way to the cafeteria. At the cafe, he met Henry who enjoyed his morning coffee. Henry saw his favourite donut on the table. The donut was sold out this morning and the last donut was bought by Zhoumi. Since Henry really wanted to eat the donut, he slowy took the donut away. But unfortunately, Zhoumi saw what he did and scolded him. The little boy was so sturborn, so didn't want to give back the donut. He ran away from Zhoumi with the donut.

Kyuhyun had to make hundreds photocopies of the paperworks. But, he didn't know how to used the photocopy mechine. He tried but failed. Luckily,  Eunhyuk accidentally saw Kyuhyun who stood like statue at the front of photocopy mechine. So, with pleasure he helped Kyuhyun by teaching him how to use it. Kyuhyun really thankfull for Eunhyuk since he helped him. Eunhyuk didn't bother to help him since they were colleagues.

Ryeowook had to correction the paperworks again for the third time and he got so frustation. Since their boss was not here, Ryeowook took out his precious expensive headphone which he bought in Japan last month and listened to his favourite song, Swing. Not far away from him, was Donghae who was in his verge of jealousy. He saw his boyfriend, Eunhyuk was having fun talking and flirting with Kyuhyun. After he saw that not-so-sweet moment, he couldn't do any work at all. He randomly wrote useless words on a piece of A4 paper. Then, he crushed the paper until it became a paper ball. He threw it to Sungmin.

Sungmin was shocked with the sudden attack from Donghae. He looked at Donghae with a big question mark on his face. Donghae gave a take-your-hubby-away-from-mine look. But Sungmin ignored him since he knew his hubby won't flirting with other guys like Eunhyuk. He was buzy planning a surprise party for Kyuhyun for their anniversary. While he was busy planning plenty of surprise, he saw Siwon who was in dreamland. Sungmin walked to him to wake him up.

Siwon dream about his Gabriel since he didn't meet his Audi for a long time. He just came back from China and now he had plenty of works to do. Thanks to Sungmin, finally Siwon woke up from his dream. Sungmin asked him if he is okay and Siwon said he's fine. So, Sungmin left him alone again. Henry who was next to him also asked him if he's okay. And again Siwon replied he's fine and continued to work. But, his ees seemed to be so heavy and Siwon back into the dreamland.