Tuesday, December 10, 2013

short .. tooo short

Don't know what to say because a lot of thing happened within the days I didn't blogging. What was come to my mind? It is all only about SUPER JUNIOR, no? SPM was over. Yeay for me but now I got another problem to think. UTP or NMIT? Can't think. I want to choose NMIT because it is in Johor. I only can live in Johor, thought. But, if I choose UTP, things are not easy as it is in Perak and I have to think how to go to Perak by myown. Thoght my parent is in Kedah, but Johor is my second home which I quite know how to get myself walk around .. haha .. and also I got friends in Johor. Haha.. and the most important is I can apply for FELDA scholarship. If I choose UTP, I have to wait until resultcome out beacause MARA only offer after SPM. hmmm... I should my mom again. I can't let the oppurtinities fly like that.

I don't have mood to blog anymore.