Monday, April 13, 2015

nothing but

it's been a while no to rambling over this blog .... i do forgot about this little blog due to many problems occurred and also due to my business in study (study my ass .. i know). too many things happened over a year. i never know i will make it. hew... hew.. hew.. (wipe my sweats on my forehead).

let me recap what happened.... but i dont know where to start ... so ... lets forget about and talk about something else... errmmm.... what eh?

let me just post photos here since i dont what to write ...

It's D&E Present .. it was so nice and beautiful . one my favorite pics of D&E

i found this awesome car on tumblr and let me tell you something ,,, this is my fav ever since i knew the existance of Fast & Furious. i havent wantch it yet ... but my mind was chanting FF7 ever since i watched the trailers... jeezzzz.... when will i can ??? TT,TT 

 some awesome quotes i found on tumblr.

i am an old people who live with old memories and didnt want to move on from it including my taste in music ... some old musics are more nice than the newest ones...