Saturday, October 17, 2015

Food: We love and we eat

i felt like i have been away from eunhae for months but actually, they only went to army not less than a week. hahaha. poor to me. and more unfortunate for me to say goodbye to siwon next month. i'm not ready to be honest. but... i couldn't do anything for that. by the way, i'm not going to talk about eunsihae but about food. 

thrust me, life in university is hell especially when you don't have enough source of money, unless you got scholarship or etc. but besides having money problem, the food in university is tasteless, in general. i don't know about your university but mine is horrible. as much as horrible it is, i still need to eat it. there's no choice if you want to survive. 

if you are rich, you can grab foods from outside which are far away from the college.

within a year in foundation and a month and half in degree, i always hear students, especially my friends complaining about food or hunger, including me of course. to be honest, my favorite food in this university is kek batik and maybe chicken rice or anything that include fried chicken. 

yeah. don't question my love towards chicken. onew and kai will definitely hate me.

talking about my favorite food, i think lately i have been dreaming about my favorite foods. i remembered myself dreaming about ayam masak merah which is so delicious and i'm drooling right now just thinking about it, especially my mom's ayam masak merah. og mai gad. i felt hungry suddenly. 

when i was in mrsm, i always complained about ds serving chicken everyday during buka puasa. but now, my life is complete if i eat chicken. and when i said that to my mom, my mom always said "there's nothing else to eat besides chicken, or what?" (something like that). and i will definitely replied, "chicken is more cheaper than fish and it's delicious". 

so, my conclusion is chicken with everything is delicious. trust me. 

when i was doing some research for my assignment, i found an article saying "eating chocolate every morning can boost your mood". i don't read it thought. however, i should say that chocolate makes you happy and chocolate will never turn its back against you. lately, i have been stress thinking about assignments, money and others, so i think i need to treat myself with chocolate. however, i have no money to buy one. hahaha. pity to myself. 

few weeks ago, i read a novel via wattpad about a girl who had anorexia. i was thinking, and i think untill now, i'm thinking "how can someone starve themselves?". i have been thinking about that over and over again when i was hungry or starving. but lately, i think i can find the answer. yesterday, i only ate kuih during lunch hour and maggie because i was really hungry at midnight. but within that time from morning to lunch and lunch to midnight, i was busy doing something else, which was studying while doing assignment. i completely forgot about my hunger. now i know how to starve yourself. first, busy yourself doing works, i meant piles of works and second, do not ever thinking about hunger or food, and then you can survive all day long. 

however, this lifestyle is not healthy especially for young teens. we need foods for growth. this is only for those who are having money problems like me. right now, i'm hungry but i don't have food to eat anymore. 

i also have been thinking, if i have more than enough money to buy food, i will definitely buy lots of my favorite like pizza and kfc. maybe i will dream about the crispy kfc tonight. pity my life (again).