Friday, May 31, 2013

Very short Semester break !!

this semester break is just boring and short yer have such a great assigment to do and it's not as easy as I thought.
and then, I have no time to update this blog. It's like a messy nest with a lot of spider webs. haha.
curse myself then.
butttt........... the exam is coming ..... and I did not study yet. Great to yourself.
first of all ... (first??)
it's exo comeback!! with XOXO (Kiss & Hug) with the song WOLF.
ah!! LUHAN !!!!
second is ..
HENRY !!! SM's First Male Solo Artist !!
I'm looking forward for it!!
chaiyokk Henry. Ni ke Ai!
YESUNG's enlistment...
sad .... but ... had to face it ...
I love him ..
|imagine siwon's enlistment| <----- surely I will cry like crazy!! :'(
what else the latest and not-so-latest story???
i think that's all ..
see ya next break ..
when it is???
august maybe ...
GOD, please give me more holidays!!

^_^v ~peace~